Standard Engineering Drawings

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Last updated February 2022
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Standard Engineering Drawings Index (August 2023)
AS-101A Standard Legend Symbols (September 1973)
AS-101B Standard Legend Symbols (September 1973)
AS-102 Project Sign (January 2016)
AS-103 Detail of Stamp (January 1976)
AS-104 Bench Mark (January 1976)
AS-105 Rainfall Intensity Curve (June 1975)
AS-106 Barrier Post (January 1976)
AS-106A Removable Barrier Post (December 1975)
AS-106B Barrier Post (with Steel Reinforcement) (March 1977)
AS-201 Concrete Alley Pavement (March 1973)
AS-203 Commercial Drive - Asphalt (October 2015)
AS-204​ Commercial Drive - Concrete (December 2021)
AS-205 Sodding of Side Slopes (May 1975)
AS-206A Standard Utility Cross-Section (17m Right-of-Way) (January 1980)
AS-206B Standard Utility Cross-Section (22m Right-of-Way) (January 1980)
AS-206C Standard Utility Cross-Section (15m Right-of-Way) (October 2015)
AS-206D Standard Utility Cross-Section (20m Right-of-Way) (July 2013)
AS-207A Utility Restoration for Concrete Pavement (August 2012)
AS-207B Utility Restoration for Flexible Base Pavement (August 2012)
AS-207C Utility Restoration for Concrete Pavement Asphalt Surface (August 2012)
AS-208 Standard & Superelevated Curb & Gutter for Residential Roads (February 2018)
AS-208A Standard & Superelevated Curb & Gutter for Collector & Arterial Roads (March 2017)
AS-209A Backfill of Ditch/Swale/Trench (June 2018)
AS-210 Standard Concrete Details for Heavy Duty Pavements (December 2021)
AS-211 Concrete Details for Residential Pavements (December 2021)
AS-212 Details for Load Transfer Device (January 1976)
AS-213 Pavement Widening Details (November 2015)
AS-214 28' Wide Asphalt Pavement (July 2013)
AS-215 Steel Beam Guide Rail (May 1975)
AS-216 Curb Cut Requirements for Various Pavements (January 1976)
AS-217 Standard Corner Commercial Access - Type I (June 1975)
AS-218 Standard Corner Commercial Access - Type II (June 1975)
AS-219 Standard Corner Commercial Access - Type III (June 1975)
AS-220 Interior Commercial Access (November 1975)
AS-221 Residential Drive - Asphalt (December 2019)
AS-222 Residential Drive - Concrete (December 2021)
AS-223 Fenced Pedestrian Walkway (May 1972)
AS-224 Tree Relocation (January 1976)
AS-225 Local Industrial Concrete Pavement (March 1975)
AS-226 Rural Arterial Concrete Pavement (March 1975)
AS-227 Rural Residential Concrete Pavement (December 2021)
AS-228 Various Street Alignments Permitting the Usage of 24' Wide Pavements (January 1975)
AS-229 Emergency Vehicular Accesses (January 2007)
AS-230 Standard Corner Cut-off and Land Conveyance (January 2009)
AS-301 Standard Catch Basin - Frame and Cover (March 1975)
AS-302 Double Catch Basin - Frame and Cover (March 1975)
AS-303 4' x 4' Catch Basin-Manhole for Sewer Less than 48" (May 1975)
AS-304A Manhole Frame and Cover - Type II (May 1974)
AS-305 Detail of Typical Manhole Step (June 1975)
AS-307 Standard Goss Gully Trap (August, 2014)
AS-309 2' x 2' Pre-Cast Concrete Catch Basin (with Goss Gully Trap) (August 2014)
AS-309A 2' x 2' Pre-Cast Concrete Catch Basin (August 2014)
AS-310A Bedding Detail for Sewer Pipe - Class "A" (March 1979)
AS-310B Class "B" Bedding Detail Various Cases (August 2014)
AS-310C Bedding Detail for Sewer Pipe - Class "B-2" (November 1975)
AS-311 Spacing for Pipes and Pipe-Arches (May 1975)
AS-312 Beam Supports for Pipes Crossing Trench (July 1975)
AS-313 Private Drain Connection Details (Single) (December 2015)
AS-314A Precast Maintenance Hole 1200mm Diameter (March 2017)
AS-314B Precast Maintenance Hole 1500mm Diameter (March 2017)
AS-314C Precast Maintenance Hole 1800mm Diameter (March 2017)
AS-314D Precast Maintenance Hole 2400mm Diameter (March 2017)
AS-314E Precast Maintenance Hole 3000mm Diameter (October 2005)
AS-315 Replaced with AS-309A
AS-318 Removed
AS-319 Compaction of Sewer and Utility Trenches in Subdivisions (November 1975)
AS-320 Manhole Safety Platform (August 1977)
AS-321 Catch Basin Box-Out for Asphalt Pavement (August 1978)
AS-325 Private Drain Connection Cleanout at Property Line as required by By-law 4921 (July 2013)
AS-401​ Residential Concrete Sidewalk (December 2021)
AS-402 Residential Sidewalk - Wheel Chair Ramp (February 2016)
AS-403 Commercial Concrete Sidewalk (December 2021)
AS-404 Commercial Sidewalk - Wheel Chair Ramp (December 2015)
AS-501 Manhole for Dual Sewers (January 1976)
AS-502 "V" Type Catch Basin Frame and Grate (January 1976)
AS-503 Sanitary Sewer Inspection Plate (January 1976)
AS-504 Typical Residential Combined Connections (December 1974)
AS-505A Typical Parallel Street Furniture Layouts (April 2015)
AS-505B Typical Skewed Street Furniture Layouts (April 2015)
AS-506 Reconstruction of Integral Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter (August 1976)
AS-507 Guidelines for Tunneling Lengths Near or at Trees (August 1998)
AS-508 Ornamental Residential Street Light - Type III (May 1980)
AS-509 Standard Residential Street Light - Type I (May 1980)
AS-510 Post Top Residential Street Light - Type II (August 1980)
AS-511 Contemporary Luminaire Standard (July 1982)
AS-514 Stone Pit (December 1986)
AS-515 Sub Drain at Catch Basin (July 1987)
AS-516 Median End Treatment (November, 1987)
AS-519 Granular Backfill: Entire Trench Granular "B" Type I (April 2004)
AS-521 Ornamental Street Light Single Luminaire - Type II (April 1994)
AS-522 Ornamental Street Light Double Luminaire - Type III (April 1994)
AS-524 Guidelines for Replacement of Existing Connections (November 1999)
AS-525 ​Catch Basin Flow Restrictor Plate-for R.O.W. only (February 2017)
AS-526 Standard Clay / Bentonite Plug Detail for Mainline (May 2003)
AS-526A Standard Clay / Bentonite Plug Detail (Service Connection) (May 2003)
AS-527 Inside Drop System Open Bowl in Manhole (November 2014)
AS-534A Access Area & Minimum Clearance for Above Ground Utilities (September 2012)
AS-534B Access Area & Minimum Clearance for Above Ground Utilities (November 2015)
AS-535 Temporary Asphalt Catchbasin Box-Out (June 2002)
AS-536 Standard Trench Backfill Details (October 2002)
AS-538 Installation Method of Traffic Signage Disturbed by Construction (January 2011)
AS-539 Sidewalk Cafe Railing Anchor Detail (June 2010)
AS-540 Typical Concrete Bus Bay Detail (March 2011)
AS-542A Maximum Curb Cut for Residential Driveways with Single Double Car Garages (November 2013)
AS-542B Maximum Curb Cut for Residential Driveways on Corner Lots (November 2013)
AS-542C Front Yard Parking for Residential Driveways (December 2013)
AS-542D Exceptions to Curb Cuts and Driveway Locations (November 2013)
AS-542E ​Maximum Curb Cut for Residential Driveways on Cul-de-Sacs (February 2017)
AS-544 Vending Box Standard (June 2011)
AS-545-A Temporary Cul-de-Sac for 20-metre Minimum Right-of-Way (August 2011)
AS-545-B Temporary Cul-de-Sac for 15-metre Minimum Right-of-Way (August 2011)
AS-546 Inlet Catch Basin Box-Out for Asphalt Pavement (October 2011)
AS-547 Channelized Traffic Island (Porkchop Island) (September 2019)
AS-548 Replaced with AS-404
AS-549 Truncated Dome Tactile Surface Indicators (August 2013)
AS-550 Temporary Lot Drainage (August 2013)
AS-552 ​Sidewalk Jointing Detail (Repairs & New Installs) (July 2023)
AS-553 Self Leveling Maintenance Hole Frame & Cover in Concrete Pavement (March 2014)
AS-554A ​Concrete Pavement Approach Treatment to Hot Mix and Composite Pavements (February 2015)
AS-554B ​Composite Pavement Approach Treatment to Hot Mix and Concrete Pavements (February 2015)
AS-555 Canada Post Community Mailbox (Residential) (September 2015) 
AS-557 Sub-drain detail for Asphalt and Concrete Pavement (June 2015) 
AS-558 Manhole Support Plate for Brick Manhole Levelling (January 2016)
AS-559 ​Doghouse Manhole (April 2016)
AS-560 ​Brick Pavers in the Right of Way (May 2017)
​AS-562 ​Downspout Discharge Adjacent to Hard Surfacing (July 2021)
AS-566 ​Wye Connections to Combined Sewers (May 2021)