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MappMyCity Windsor Ontario Canada

Learn about Windsor from underground up! We have apps that display our sewer system, roads, sidewalks, addresses, buildings, parks, trails, bike lanes and routes, waterways, schools, government offices, parking lots, playgrounds, public washrooms in parks, and much, much more.

The new MappMyCity application has combined the old applications into one new and fluid experience. In the new MappMyCity, you will find the old:

  • MyCity
  • MySchoolNeighbourhood
  • MySewer
  • MyParks
  • MyBikesAndTrails
  • MyDetour

We’ve also mapped things you can’t feel or see, like ward boundaries; street centreline with information about roads, speed limits, direction and more; districts of many types; property descriptions and info; services, size and distance for a number of features; and aerial photos over the years since 2000.

Visit us often! As needs expand, so will the new easy-to-use MappMyCity app.

If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to or contact 311.

Waste Collection Schedule and Transit Windsor Routes

Still need to check your waste collection schedule or view the interactive Transit Windsor map? Just click the icons below!

My Collection Calendar - garbage, recycling and yard waste
Residential Garbage & Recycling
& Yard
Waste Schedule

Transit Windsor Interactive Map
Transit Windsor Interactive Map

My Culture - Under Construction

The City of Windsor is currently revamping and remapping our cultural sites to be the most up to date and the best experience possible. Check back soon to see our new and improved application, as well as the most current cultural information!