Step 1 - What Information is Available?

Tax assessment information includes the following:

  • Roll Number
  • Property Address
  • Legal Description
  • Assessed Value
  • Assessed Tax Class(es)

Tax Account Information includes the following:

  • Owner’s Name(s)
  • Mailing Address
  • Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (if applicable)
  • Interested Party (if applicable)
  • Current Year Interim Levy
  • Current Year Final Levy
  • Current Year Supplemental and Omit Levy
  • Current Year Additions to Taxes
  • Local Improvements Assessed to Property
  • Tax Outstanding Balance
  • Penalty Outstanding Balance
  • Total Due Including Future Installments
  • Breakdown of Prior Year(s) Balance Due

As per the City of Windsor User Fee Schedule, the fee for this service is $96.05 ($85.00 plus HST) per tax account. Each search is valid for a 30-day calendar period before additional charges apply.

Step 2 - Who Can Access Information?

The secure online system is intended for law firms and financial institutions who are involved in the purchase, sale and/or financing of lands within the City of Windsor. All registrations will be reviewed and verified before access to the External Tax Inquiry Application is granted.

Step 3 - How to Apply and Access ETI?

A myWindsor local account will be required to sign in and register. If you do not have a myWindsor local  account, you must create a new account and follow the sign-in process before registering.

The initial process requires the owner of the business or person with authority to bind the business to create a My Business registration.

City Administration will review the My Business registration request. Once approved, the "Owner" will have full access to the External Tax Inquiry (ETI) System.

Owners have full access to manage their My Business account and are solely responsible to approve who has access to their applications on behalf of the Business. A Business will have one Owner, but could have multiple "Administrators" and multiple "Members". An Owner may add or remove Administrators and Members.

In addition to having access to create and view ETI, Administrators may add or remove Members.

Authorized Members will have access to create and view ETI only.

Access to the myBusiness registration.

After your Business Registration is approved you can access the ETI application.

Step 4 - Contact us

For general information, please call 311 or 519-255-CITY(2489)

For detailed tax inquiries, please email to