​Committee of Adjustment Meeting Agenda

The most recent Committee of Adjustment meeting agenda is as follows:

​File #
B-048/22 To B-059/22
South Windsor Properties Inc. Trustee
0 Roseland Crescent (Vacant lot next south of 3950 Dougall Avenue)
Consent: Create 4 new lots.
Consent: Create 8 lot additions.
Note: deferred from July 2022
2644008 Ontario Ltd.
2318 Westcott Road
Relief: Accommodating two proposed new single unit dwellings with reduced minimum lot width and lot area.

2644008 Ontario Ltd.

2318 Westcott Road
Consent: Create a new lot.
1635609 Ontario Ltd.
2780 Howard Avenue
Relief: Relief for erection of a 3-dimensional electronic billboard sign with reduced distance to rear yards of a residential district, and distances from a controlled intersection.

Jeffery Allsop,

Lynn Allsop

1010 Beals Street West
Relief: Construction of an addition with reduced minimum front yard depth.
Mangia's Inc.
300 Cabana Road East
Consent: Creation of an easement for access.
​7 A-060/22

Leo Novakovic 

653-655 Hildegarde Street

Relief: Severance of existing semi-detached dwelling, with reduced minimum rear yard door distance to common wall.

​8 B-063/22 Leo Novakovic 653-655 Hildegarde Street

Consent: Create a new lot.

​9 B-064/22 12813131 Canada Inc. 730 Cabana Road East

Consent: Create a new lot.

​10 A-061/22

Tina Campeau

5458 Malden Road

Relief: Creation of a new accessory building exceeding the maximum rear wall setback.

​11 A-062/22

DBS - Hearn Inc.

2570 Central Avenue
Relief: Addition to existing manufacturing facility with reduced minimum landscaped open space yard.

Download the July 21 agenda.

Committee of Adjustment Hearings - Video/Audio - November 12, 2020 (YouTube)​​