Current Parks Development Projects for 2020-2021

The Parks Department will be working on the following projects through 2020 into 2021. Click on the park name to locate the park using Google Maps, or you can locate them using the Open Space and Parks Application. Links in each of the project descriptions below will open a drawing or photo of the work described.

For general inquires or more information on any of the following projects, please email us at or phone 519-253-2300 and ask to speak to the project manager listed for each project below.

Central Park
New multi-use asphalt pathways 
will be constructed starting in the fall 2020 and phase one will be completed in spring 2021. Pathway work in the park will be completed in a series of phases. Phase one includes the pathway on the east side of the park and will connect Richardie Street on the north to Beals on the south.
Project Manager: Dan Jaworski

Ward 2

Bradley Park
The Parks Department will be hosting a virtual open house collect information regarding the redevelopment plan for Bradley Park that were adopted by Council in 2008. A virtual open house will take place in January 2021. Please check back soon for more updates.
Project Manager: Darron Ahlstedt

Bridgeview Park
The improvements shown on this site plan are almost complete. They include a new parking lot, pathways, drainage, new site furnishings and lighting, which will be completed in the spring of 2021.
Project Manager: Trevor Duquette

Malden Park
The Parks Department recently completed some new off-road bike trails​ in Malden Park, and we have made improvements to park drainage in areas where flooding was an issue. Project is complete, and park is open.
Project Manager: Trevor Duquette

McKee Park
Please review our virtual open house regarding the proposed upgrades to the existing boat ramp; shoreline stabilization and rock revetment; a new boardwalk; benches; and observation deck.
Project Manager: Dan Jaworski

Mic Mac Park
The installation of new baseball bleachers and sun shades at Cullen Field is ongoing, with concrete almost complete​ and bleachers to be installed mid-May. The sun shades will follow shortly after with an expected completion in the spring of 2021.
Project Manager: Darron Ahlstedt

Ojibway Tom Joy Woods
A new composite boardwalk was installed over the pond along the accessible Boardwalk Path and is now open.
Project Manager: Dan Jaworski

Ward 3

Alton Parker Park
Alton Parker Park is located in downtown Windsor at the corner of Brodhead Street and Niagara Street. Park improvements​ coming soon include reconstruction of the existing asphalt pathways, the relocation of the playground and relocation of the statue of Alton C. Parker. Expect completion of this project in the summer of 2021.
Project Manager: Trevor Duquette

Ward 5

Alexander Park
New accessible washrooms​ were constructed into the embankment at Alexander Park to create minimal disturbance to views along Riverside Drive, and it boasts a beautiful terrace observation deck with unobstructed views to the Detroit River. This park is also equipped with a fishing deck and a beautiful new beach themed accessible playground. Now open.
Project Manager: Darron Ahlstedt

Garry Dugal Park
Improvements are near completion, including two new shade sails that cover a large concrete seating area, new picnic tables, sidewalks, and upgrades to the existing pavilion. Some final touches are necessary, but the park is open.
Project Manager: Darron Ahlstedt

George Avenue Park
The redevelopment of George Avenue Park is currently underway now that the reservoir under the south end of the park is complete. The Parks Department will continue to improve the northern section of the park for future use. A new forest-themed accessible playground was installed in 2020. A new shelter was installed in February 2021, and beginning March 15, the installation of a few catch basins will ensure proper drainage of the park prior to additional amenities being installed, including a new sports court, pathways lighting, benches and 30 to 40 trees. The park will remain closed during contruction. Completion of the project is expected in summer of 2021.
Project Manger: Darron Ahlstedt

Ward 6

Reaume Park
A virtual open house will take place in the first quarter of 2021 to solicit public feedback for replacement of the Peace Fountain. A request for proposals (RFP) is currently underway to hire a design consultant that specializes in water fountain design. The successful proponent of the RFP will prepare design concepts based on public input for a new fountain. Please check back soon for more updates.
Project Manager: Trevor Duquette

Riverside Baseball Park
The recently reconstructed west parking lot is now open. Improvements to existing washroom facilities are expected to reach completion in the spring of 2021. This concept plan shows improvements to the park including a new rubber surface at the Miracle Diamond; accessible bleachers and shade sails for the Miracle Diamond; and a new wellness track with three baseball-themed accessible workout stations; and new accessible picnic tables. The park will be under construction in the spring of 2021. Canadian Tire Jumpstart as well as Riverside Minor Baseball Association are working in partnership with the City on this project. The city was successful in applying to Canadian Tire Jumpstart for funding that will help complete this wonderful accessible destination park.
Project Manager: Trevor Duquette

Tranby Park
This concept plan shows the new playground, parking lot, pathways, baseball diamond, landscaping and tree planting with expected completion in the spring of 2021. The playground is currently on hold until warmer temperatures will allow construction of the rubber surface to resume.
Project Manager: Trevor Duquette

Ward 7

Elizabeth Kishkon Park
A new washroom building, and other improvements will be underway in 2021. The existing parking lot will have drainage installed, then be curbed and paved. Site servicing for the new building will be completed in the fall/winter of 2020 with washroom construction expected to begin late spring/early summer of 2021.
Project Manager: Terry Fasan

Forest Glade Park
Construction of a splash pad is complete. This site plan shows the location of a new accessible washroom building that will service the splash pad and the park in general. The washroom is construction contract is set to be awarded, and both are expected to be open by the end of July 2021.
Project Manager: Darron Ahlstedt

Little River Corridor
A new bicycling pump track will be constructed during the spring of 2021 with an expected completion in the summer of 2021.
Project Manager: Trevor Duquette

Construction of a new multi-use bridge crossing Little River Municipal Drain began on Monday, February 1, 2021. The bridge, accessible and open to pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles, will be installed off of Hawthorne Crescent. A second multi-use bridge​​ will be constructed later in 2021 and be installed just south of McHugh Street​. This will improve recreation access along the Ganatchio Trail and within the community areas.
Project Manager: Trevor Duquette

Peche Island
Prequalification for the island's interior bridge will be sent out on March 12, and the shoreline stabilization and construction of a new floating dock will continue. Completion expected in spring of 2021.
Project Manager: Dan Jaworski

Ward 8

Fontainebleau Park
A new splash pad is planned for the park. The Parks Department will be hosting a virtual open house in 2021 to collect your feedback through a short survey regarding themes for the splash pad. Please check back soon.
Project Manager: Terry Fasan

Langlois Park
Phase One pathway reconstruction, lighting, benches, and drainage improvements are now complete. A similar schedule of work is planned for Phase Two pathway reconstruction, including lighting, benches, and drainage improvements. Expect completion of this project in the fall of 2021.
Project Manager: Trevor Duquette

For further information, please contact:

Parks and Recreation
2450 McDougall Street
Windsor, Ontario
Phone: For general information, call 311. 
For detailed inquiries, call (519) 253-2300.


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