Current Development Applications

Overhead view of a subdivision and small lake

This site contains links to documents, including Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments; draft plans of subdivision and condominiums; drawings and other documents associated with the development application process.

Note: Documents are for information purposes only. 

​File Name ​Address Application Type​ ​Other Information
​Z-020/19 ​4100 7th Concession Road ​Zoning ​N/A
​CDM-005/21 ​8607, 8649, 8675, 8699 McHugh Street ​​Condominium​ ​N/A
​Z-034/21 ​1913, 1925, 1949 Devonshire Court ​Zoning ​N/A
​SDN-001/21 ​0, 1095 & 1185 North Talbot Road ​Subdivision ​N/A
​Z-044/21 ​1247 Riverside Drive East ​Zoning ​N/A
​Z-024/21 987, 1003 California Avenue​ ​Zoning ​N/A
​Z-021/22 1850 North Service Road ​Zoning ​N/A

​0 Riverside Drive West

(Southwest Corner at Janette Avenue)

​Zoning ​N/A
OPA 156 & Z-010/22 ​2400 Banwell Road ​Official Plan & Zoning ​N/A
​Z-001/22 ​3251 Riverside Drive East and 222 Belleview Avenue ​Zoning ​N/A
​Z-029/22 ​478 Janette Avenue Zoning​ N/A​
Z-027/22 ​Northeast Corner of Florence Avenue and Beverly Glen Street (0, 0, 0 Beverly Glen Street) Official Plan & Zoning ​N/A
​Z-001/23 4170 & 4190 Sixth Concession Road​ ​Zoning ​N/A
CDM-004/22 ​1500 Ouellette Avenue ​​​Condominium​ ​N/A
​Z-036/22 ​1609 Tecumseh Road West Zoning ​N/A
​Z 016/23 & OPA 172 ​City Wide ​Official Plan & Zoning ​Proposed Housekeeping Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments to the additional dwelling unit framework
​Z-040/22 ​3841-3847 Howard Avenue ​Zoning N/A​
​Z-013/23 ​North Neighbourhood
(Between Clover Avenue & Florence Avenue)
​Zoning ​N/A
​Z-043/22 ​1646 Alexis Road Zoning​ N/A​
​Z-014/23 ​870 Wyandotte Street East ​Zoning N/A​
​Z-039/22 1235 Huron Church Road​ ​​Official Plan & Zoning ​N/A
​Z-026/22 & OPA 162 ​0 Wyandotte Street East ​​​Official Plan & Zoning ​Ganatchio Gardens
​Z-022/23 & OPA 173 ​0 Questa Drive (North Site A)  ​Official Plan & Zoning ​N/A
​Z-023/23 & OPA 174 ​0 Banwell Road (North Site B) ​​Official Plan & Zoning ​N/A
​Z-024/23 & OPA 175 ​0 Banwell Road (South Site) ​Official Plan & Zoning ​N/A
OPA 177, OPA-7118 & Z-027-23, ZNG-7117 Airport Employment Lands ​Official Plan & Zoning ​N/A
​Z-028/23, ZNG-7140 ​185 Randolph Place ​Zoning N/A​
​Z-031/23, ZNG-7158 ​1350 Pelletier Street Zoning​ ​N/A

Z-008/23, ZNG-6976 & OPA 169, OPA-6977

​1460 Lauzon Road ​​Official Plan & Zoning ​​N/A

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