4170 & 4190 Sixth Concession Road

Applicant: Storey Samways Planning Ltd.
File No: SDN-001/24 (SDN/7194); Z-012/24 (ZNG/7195)

The applicant is proposing to develop a residential subdivision with five (5) townhome dwellings containing a total of 27 townhome dwelling units at the above-noted location. The proposed dwelling units will front on a proposed new local roadway (Street A). Access to Street A is from Spago Crescent. 

The subject lands are designated Low Profile Residential on Schedule NR2-7 – Land Use Designations & Concept Plan, North Roseland Planning Area, Official Plan Volume 2, and zoned RD1.2 by Zoning By-law 8600.

The RD1.2 zoning category does not permit townhome dwellings; therefore, the applicant is also requesting an amendment to the Zoning By-law 8600 to change the zoning of the subject lands from RD1.2 to RD2.3 to permit the proposed townhome dwellings. 

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