Snow Angels Volunteer Snow Removal Program

Snow on sidewalks is a potential hazard to those with limited mobility. It also makes it difficult, if not impossible, for those who deliver services to the community to do their job - people who deliver mail, read water/gas meters, delivery services, emergency medical services (EMS) and fire.

That's why the City of Windsor offers the Snow Angels Program, a voluntary snow removal service for senior citizens and persons with physical disabilities. The program attempts to match volunteers from the community with residents in their neighbourhoods requiring assistance.

For volunteers, it's a great way to get some exercise and help your community! For high school students, it's an opportunity to help someone in need and round out your Community Volunteer Hours. For residents, it's a great way to access timely snow removal assistance.

If you want to volunteer or are looking for some assistance with snow removal at your home, don't wait. Call or email today to find out more about the Snow Angels Program.

Volunteer Prize Draw

  • As an added incentive, all registered volunteers will be entered into a draw to win a tablet. In addition, two $50 Rec Express Cards will be awarded as well.

Phone: 311