Snow Removal

Snow Updates:

Winter Control - Snowplow Activity open data set and mapNews Releases:

During winter weather events, the City periodically sends updates to the media and the public. Check our Newsroom for the latest releases.

Snow Plow Tracker:

For updates on where our trucks have been, visit our Open Data Set: Winter Control - Snowplow Activity (map included). Please note: other contracted trucks and machinery are not captured in the tracking.

Winter Control Levels of Service:

Main Routes

  • Salt truck on a downtown streetMain routes are salted and/or plowed once snow begins to fall and accumulate.
  • There are currently 21 main salt/plow routes consisting of roads classified as Expressway, Arterial, and Collector as defined by the City of Windsor Official Plan. These routes also include fire/hospital emergency routes and Transit Windsor bus routes.
  • If accumulation exceeds 5 centimetres (2 inches) during a snowfall, salting may cease temporarily and plowing be utilized as appropriate for the conditions.
  • Also, if the temperature is below -12°C (10°F) during a snowfall, salt begins to lose its effectiveness, and depending upon the snow accumulation, salting may cease temporarily and plowing be utilized as appropriate for the conditions.
  • The average cost for Winter Control on main routes during the normal workday is $15,000 per hour.

Local/Residential Streets

  • Streets are salted and/or plowed in the vicinity of schools during the normal workday once main routes have been cleared.
  • Intersections are salted and/or plowed when conditions warrant. (Average time/cost for all intersections: 8 hours, $120,000).
  • Residential streets are plowed when the accumulation from a snowfall event exceeds 10 centimetres (4 inches), once main routes have been cleared. (Average time/cost for all streets: 24 hours, $600,000).
  • In order to allow for a more efficient residential snow plow operation and to avoid cars from being plowed in, the City recommends that residents remove their parked cars from roadways until they are cleared.


  • Residents are required to clear snow and ice from sidewalks abutting their property as per By-Law #8544.
  • Please be sure to remove snow completely from your sidewalk to ensure that people are able to pass through safely and freely.
  • Residents are reminded that they may be required to clear sidewalks more than once throughout a storm as snow plows may push snow onto sidewalks during road clearing operations.
  • Snow is cleared from sidewalks where there is not an abutting property owner by the City of Windsor (i.e. overpasses and underpasses). (See Public Works Sidewalk Snow Removal Map.)

Multi-Use Trails

  • Once the storm has ended, multi-use trails within the right-of-way will be cleared by Public Works Department. (see Public Works Sidewalk Snow Removal Map).
  • Once the storm has ended, multi-use trails within parkland will be cleared by the Parks Department.

Bus Stops

  • If the accumulation from a snowfall event exceeds 15 centimetres (6 inches) and all roadways have been cleared, bus stops identified by Transit Windsor as a priority will be cleared.


  • Service levels may be amended as conditions require.
  • Removal of major accumulations of snow along curbs in business areas may be considered as conditions require.
  • Inquiries regarding the enforcement of the snow clearing by-law on City sidewalks are handled by By-law Enforcement Officers, Corporate Services. See Snow Removal By-law #8544.

What Can I Do to Help?

Residents and drivers can help by doing the following:

  • Be patient. In heavy snow falls, it takes us longer to get all our streets clear.
  • Stay alert, slow down, and stay in control when driving your vehicle.
  • Leave room for plows. When you see the blue flashing lights on the winter maintenance equipment, remain a safe distance behind them. Also, never pass a snow plow. This is an extremely dangerous practice.
  • Keep parked cars off streets wherever possible.
  • Shovel your sidewalk fully. City By-law 8544 requires all residents to clear the snow from sidewalks abutting their property.
  • Keep fire hydrants clear and visible.
  • Throw snow on your lawn, not on the street. Shovelling snow back onto the street creates unsafe road conditions for motorists and is prohibited by the Highway Traffic Act.

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