Property Owners Responsibilities

Property Owner's Responsibility

It is the responsibility of every owner to maintain their property in a condition that will meet or exceed the minimum standards outlined in this legislation. Standards in this legislation include but are not limited to the following standards for all properties; supplementary standards for non-residential properties; and residential properties.

  • Exterior property areas - parking lots - surface, drainage, paving, dust control
  • Fence By-law
  • Signs By-law
  • Yards (waste issues or long grass), lot grading - insects, rodents
  • Structural capacity - fire and storm damage - demolition
  • Foundations, walls, columns, beams
  • Doors, windows, exterior finishes
  • Ventilation - heating
  • Stairs, floors, landings, exits, porches
  • Decks, balconies
  • Roofs, roof structures
  • Plumbing - sewers, discharge
  • Electrical
  • Abandoned vehicles, machinery, storage of items
  • Nuisances and unsafe conditions
  • Barrier Free requirements

You may view the Property Standards By-law 147-2011 (see Building By-laws) for a more detailed list and explanation of Enforcement.

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