By-laws Enforced by Building

For general information on by-laws or to report a violation, contact 311.

If you would like to read a particular City by-law that is not included on this website, please contact Council Services by phone at 519-255-6100 or at by email.

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Permits and Inspections:

Code of Conduct: Schedule J - Code of Conduct for Building Officials

Development Charges: By-law 1-2021 (replaces 60-2015)

Property Standards: By-law 9-2019 (replaces 147-2011)

Zoning: Zoning By-law 8600, Zoning Index Map, Zoning By-law 85-18, By-law 85-18 Maps


Swimming Pool: By-law 63-2021 (replaces 160-2010)


Vital Services: By-law 195-2011

Site Plan Control: By-law 1-2004


Entry on Adjoining Lands: By-law 5711

Fortification of Lands: By-law 174-2003

Handling of Explosives: By-law 6366

Indemnity Deposits: By-law 106-2010

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Phone: For general information, call 311. For detailed inquires, call Building Services at 519-255-6267