Property Standards

Property Standards

The authority for Property Standards By-law 9-2019 (formerly 147-2011) (see Building By-laws) comes from Section 15.1 of the Ontario Building Code Act.

  • Property Standards were established for the safety and general repair of both the exterior and interior of buildings and structures such as fences, retaining walls and driveways. The standards set out in the by-law are usually minimum maintenance standards, which follow provincial standards as set out in various codes and legislation.
  • The interior of buildings and structures with deficiencies in plumbing, electrical, heating and ventilation systems may be in violation of the Property Standards By-law.
  • Vacant buildings and properties that pose a risk of fire, accident or other dangers to the affected properties or neighbouring properties should be reported to 311. For more information, please see our Complaints page.
  • The City of Windsor cannot locate property lines for property owners. If the property lines are unknown, the property owner should hire a Professional Ontario Land Surveyor to draw up a Legal Survey of the property.

For more information, please see the Property Standards brochure.

If you require information relating to the receipt of an Order to Repair, please contact the Building Department at 519-255-6267. You may also call the Building Inspector who issued the Order to Repair (that contact information is provided on the order).

If you wish to appeal the Order to Repair by way of a Notice of Appeal, please contact the Committee Coordinator, Council Services at 519-255-6222, extension 6430.

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