Legacy Beacon

Aerial artist rendering
From a once thriving railway connection for industry to today’s beautiful destination for fun, sun and serenity seekers, the transformation of Windsor’s riverfront has been something akin to a metamorphosis. Now, the Spirit of Windsor is all that remains of the railway days, as the rest has been replaced by six kilometres of greenspace, cycling and walking paths, site seeing areas, and so much more. But the transition isn’t over. The Legacy Beacon – Streetcar Project will be situated adjacent to the historic railway tunnel and original station tower entrance. It will be the third of five destinations and landmarks along the Detroit River that will explore themes of integration of landscape and building, the history of the Canadian Pacific (CP) Railway, ecology and sustainable development.

Original 2000 artist rendering

(Original Rendering, 2000)

Situated at the most important remaining connection where previous intensive human activity (industry and railways) converged, this site is a key demonstration of a return to natural processes. The theme of the Legacy Beacon focuses on the relationship of human settlement and the fragile natural environment in the past and future.

Location: Segment #4, Outdoor Ecological Museum at the CP Railway underpass.

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