Central Riverfront Implementation Plan

CRIP title pageWindsor's Central Riverfront Implementation Plan (CRIP), adopted by Windsor City Council on September 5, 2000 is the overall conceptual plan for the riverfront for the next 25 years. The plan ensures that residents' long-held dream of creating a continuous riverfront open space network will be upheld for future generations.

On October 9, 2002, the CRIP was identified as a Special Policy Area in Volume II of the City's Official Plan called Central Riverfront Park Lands (Section 1.13).

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Final Report

Materials presented at open houses along with this year's annual ward meetings are available here for your review.

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Riverfront concept drawingWhen Council approved the CRIP in September 2000, it also requested that a Central Riverfront Technical Advisory Committee (CRTAC) be created. The primary role of CRTAC will be to review the technical merit of proposed municipal and private undertakings within the Central Riverfront Park Lands, and provide recommendations to Administration and City Council, which identify how the undertakings conform to the principles, objectives, and design standards cited in the CRIP and the Central Riverfront Park Lands Policies in the Official Plan.

The CRIP provides design guidelines for nine individual segments spanning from McKee Park linking the Olde Sandwich Towne area in the west to the Hiram Walker Distillery District in the east. Beacons will be located throughout the Riverfront Park Lands as the primary orientation system and identity feature. The Plan also serves to link neighbourhoods south of Riverside through the development of green linkages such as Civic Esplanade, Vision Corridor and other parks.

In 2001, an article appeared in the Ontario Planning Journal that gave a brief summary of the key elements of the CRIP.

Sculpture park concept drawingAn Award Winning Plan!

Since the adoption of the plan by Windsor City Council, the CRIP has won four prestigious awards:
  • Canadian Society of Landscape Architects 2003 National Merit Award
  • Ontario Professional Planners Excellence in Planning
  • Canadian Institute of Planners Honour
  • Waterfront Centre 2001 Top Honour

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