Streetcar No 351

Street Car photo, circa 1927

The City of Windsor recently acquired a piece of history: Streetcar #351.

The story behind Windsor’s Streetcar 351 restoration is being told in a documentary produced by ENWIN Utilities. Here’s a preview of how this artifact from Windsor’s transportation history was discovered and is now being preserved so future generations can learn about the city’s technological pioneering past:

ENWIN documentary video

Streetcar #351 was built in 1918 in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is 50 feet long, and weighs 24,688 pounds.

It is believed that Cars #351-354 were purchased by SW&A (Sandwich, Windsor and Amherstburg Railway) as used vehicles in 1927 from Public Service of New Jersey. They were equipped with smoking compartments and were placed in suburban service.

The cars were sold for $100 when the city switched to bus service in the late 1930s. Streetcar #351 was found in Belle River.

Recently purchased by the City of Windsor, the Streetcar is now being restored to its original glory. While that work is being done, City officials are planning where to locate the finished street car, what potential it has for usage and what amenities would be best to accompany it. To date, the City has held a Public Information Session and hosted a Public Survey to collect ideas on this exciting new acquisition.

Historic Streetcar #351 Restoration Project Survey

Thank you to all those who completed our online Streetcar #351 Restoration Project Survey. The survey is now closed. City Administration will be reviewing all responses as we move forward on this project.

Streetcar #351 in the News

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