Interim Control By-law for Off-Street Parking in Traditional Commercial Streets


Interim Control By-laws to temporarily prohibit the creation of new and expanded off-street parking areas in Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) were adopted by Council in 2015 and extended in 2016 for another year. Since then, Administration has been undertaking a land use study of off-street parking areas within BIAs and Mainstreets areas (i.e. older, mixed use areas where buildings are located close to the street). Phase 1 of the land use study consists of background research and public and internal consultation. Phase 2 of the study will conclude with proposed policy and regulatory changes for Council consideration before the expiration of the Interim Control By-laws on September 6, 2017.

The relevant Interim Control By-laws are as follows:

Phase 1 Report

The Phase 1 report is scheduled to be presented at the Planning, Heritage & Economic Development Standing Committee (PHEDSC) on May 15, 2017. This report contains background information for the land use study including the following information:

  • Review of Official Plan and other policy;
  • Review of Zoning By-law and other regulations;
  • Inter-jurisdictional research;
  • Field study;
  • Consultation; and
  • Analysis of the study area.

See the full report (PDF). The report is also available as part of the PHEDSC Agenda for May 15, 2017.

Phase 2 Report

The Phase 2 report is scheduled to be presented at the Planning, Heritage & Economic Development Standing Committee (PHEDSC) on July 10, 2017. This report contains final analysis for the land use study and recommended policy and regulations to complete the Interim Control Bylaw Study. Contents of the report include:

  • Review of Provincial Policy Statement and Official Plan;
  • Proposed Official Plan Amendments;
  • Proposed Zoning By-law Amendments;
  • Proposed Demolition Control By-law;
  • Other related issues;
  • Consultations

See the Phase 2 report (PDF). Appendices are available below.

Appendix A- Map of Study Area

Appendix B- Proposed Official Plan Amendments

Appendix C- Proposed Zoning By-law Amendments

Appendix D- Proposed Demolition Control By-law

Appendix E- Comments Form

Appendix F- Comments from the Public

Appendix G- Comments from Departments and Agencies

The report is also available as part of the PHEDSC Agenda for July 10, 2017.

A Memo with additional Information and Changes to Recommended Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment is available. The changes provide an exemption for school drop-off/pick-up areas and provides additional flexibility with respect to the location of accessory parking for all properties within the study area.

We welcome your participation in the study process. You can do so through:

Public Meetings

Planning, Heritage & Economic Development Standing Committee (PHEDSC)
Date: May 15, 2017

Council Meeting
Date: June 19, 2017

Planning, Heritage & Economic Development Standing Committee (PHEDSC)
Date: July 10, 2017
Time: 4.30pm onwards (refer to PHEDSC Agenda for estimate of timing of presentation)
Location: 350 City Hall Square West, Council Chambers on the 3rd Floor

Council Meeting
Date: Aug 28, 2017
Time: 6.00pm onwards (Currently on consent. Please refer to Council Meeting Agenda for estimate of timing of presentation)
Location: 350 City Hall Square West, Council Chambers on the 3rd Floor

Public Open House

The public open house associated with Phase 1 of the land use study will be held with material available for review and planning staff present to answer questions. Details for the open house are as follows:

Date: Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Time: 4.00pm to 7:00pm (Drop-in at any time.)
Location: 400 City Hall Square East, Room 401

Open House Display Boards:

Provide your comments and sign-up for Updates


1. What are Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) and Mainstreets?

There are nine BIAs (Sandwich Towne, Downtown, Wyandotte Towne Centre, Erie Street, Ottawa Street, Walkerville, Ford City, Pillette Village, and Olde Riverside) and other Mainstreet areas (i.e. University Avenue West, Wyandotte Street West, and Tecumseh Road East) in Windsor. These areas were largely established before the widespread use of automobiles and thus designed for walking. They feature compact, mixed use commercial areas with buildings close together and entrances facing the street.

2. Why is the City studying off-street parking in BIAs and Mainstreets?

Off-street parking was not considered in the original design of these areas, and as a result, buildings along these streets have been demolished to make space for surface parking. While parking is important to the modern-day success of these areas—the cumulative loss of buildings has a negative effect on the unique built form, walkability, and character of BIAs and Mainstreets. The study aims to provide off-street parking solutions to accommodate parking within the area while reducing the negative effects.

3. How will the proposed changes affect me as a resident living in the area?

The majority of residents living near Business Improvement Areas and Mainstreets will not be directly impacted by the proposed changes. Residential homes will continue to exist without any changes. Residential properties that are directly behind commercial businesses could be redeveloped in the future to provide for additional parking areas only if the owners are interested pursuing that option.

4. How does the Interim Control By-law affect me if I own an existing legal off-street parking area?

The Interim Control By-laws allow the continued use of existing legal off-street parking areas within BIAs.

5. What happens to the comments I submit?

Planning staff will review and take the comments into consideration when drafting proposed policies and regulations for Council’s consideration.

6. Where can I park if I am attending the Open House?

The new City Hall building is under construction. However, there are still municipal lots available for public parking on the north side of 400 City Hall Square Building and at Goyeau and Park Streets. See map of City Hall.

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