Property Standards Complaints

Property Standards - Complaints

Vacant buildings and properties that pose a risk of fire, accident or other hazards should be reported immediately by calling 311.

The authority for Property Standards By-law #9-2019 (see Building By-laws) comes from Section 15.1 of the Ontario Building Code Act.

Property standards were established for the maintenance of both the exterior and interior of existing buildings and structures. The standards set out in the by-law usually concern minimum maintenance requirements, as well as compliance with certain provincial standards, as set out in various codes and legislation.

Buildings and structures with deficiencies in plumbing, electrical, heating and ventilation systems may also be in violation of Property Standards By-law #9-2019.

Property Complaints

The Building Inspection Division accepts complaints regarding alleged violations of the Property Standards By-law and other by-laws enforced by this division. Complaints may be placed by calling 311. Some of the major areas of enforcement often include:

  • Unsafe building conditions
  • Structural capacity - fire and storm damage - demolition
  • Doors, windows, exterior finishes
  • Foundations, walls, column, beams
  • Stairs, floors, landings, exits, porches
  • Doors, windows, exterior finishes
  • Plumbing - sewers, piping and fixtures
  • Ventilation and heating
  • Roofs, roof structures, chimneys
  • Barrier free requirements
  • Exterior property areas - parking lots - surface, drainage, and paving
  • Fences and pool enclosures
  • Permanent signs
  • Construction activity without required zoning approvals and/or building permits
  • Land use violations

The Property Standards By-law (see Building By-laws) offers a more detailed list and explanation of enforcement.

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