Business Incentives

Economic Revitalization Community Improvement Plan

The City of Windsor's Economic Revitalization Community Improvement Plan (CIP), which came into effect on March 15, 2011 provides financial incentives to encourage new investment in targeted economic sectors for the purposes of diversifying the local economy and creating/retaining jobs. The CIP allows the City to take a variety of measures, to further the objectives of the Economic Revitalization CIP, that would otherwise be prohibited by Ontario's Municipal Act. This includes the acquisition and preparation of land; construction, repair, rehabilitation or improvement of buildings; the sale, lease or disposal of land and buildings; and the provision of grants to owners or tenants of land, all of which must conform with the objectives and policies contained within the CIP.

Financial Incentive Programs

The Economic Revitalization CIP contains four financial incentive programs to encourage new investment in targeted economic sectors. These programs address a wide range of business types including new businesses considering locating in Windsor, expansion of existing businesses within the city, and small businesses.

Business Development Grant ProgramBusiness Retention & Expansion Grant Program
Small Business Investment Grant ProgramDevelopment Charges Grant Program

Brownfield Redevelopment Community Improvement Plan

What is a Brownfield?

Windsor's brownfields are the legacy of its industrial past dating back to the turn of the 20th century. They are the properties where previous use(s) has caused environmental contamination, which will need to be properly addressed before redevelopment can occur. Brownfields are often also characterized as underutilized, derelict or vacant property and buildings.

Some typical examples include former industrial or manufacturing plants, fuel storage facilities, dry cleaners, landfills and gasoline stations.

Brownfield Redevelopment Strategy

The final version of the City of Windsor Brownfield Redevelopment Strategy is available. This document provides the policy direction and guidance on how to best encourage brownfield redevelopment in Windsor.

Financial Incentive Programs

The City of Windsor is offering a number of attractive incentive programs designed to promote brownfield redevelopment throughout the city. These incentives include grants and tax assistance to encourage activities, such as feasibility studies, environmental studies, environmental remediation, building rehabilitation, infrastructure upgrading and even the construction of energy efficient “green” buildings. Projects that demonstrate a commitment to “green” planning and building practices are eligible for an increased level of financial incentives.

The five financial incentive programs approved to encourage the redevelopment of brownfields in Windsor are:
Feasibility Study Grant ProgramEnvironmental Site Assessment Grant Program
Brownfields Property Tax Assistance ProgramBrownfields Rehabilitation Grant Program
Brownfields Development Charge Exemption Program

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