Feasibility Study Grant Program

Feasibility Study Grant Program


To promote the undertaking of project feasibility studies, so that potential investors can obtain more and better information with respect to the costs of reusing, rehabilitating and retrofitting brownfield buildings and lands


Consists of a grant program to cover a portion of the cost of feasibility studies including but not limited to:

  • Structural analysis
  • Evaluation of existing and proposed mechanical, electrical and other building systems
  • Concept plans
  • Market analyses
  • Any other feasibility studies approved by the City

Financial Details

Provides a matching grant of 50% of the cost of an eligible feasibility study to a maximum grant of $7,500 with a maximum of one study per property.


The feasibility study must provide significant information with respect to one or more aspects of the structural/engineering feasibility of the project and associated costing, conceptual feasibility, and/or the market/economic feasibility of the project.


Feasibility Study Grant Program Guide.

Feasibility Study Grant Application.

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