Waste Reduction and Elimination Recycling

Please recycle. By recycling in your home, you have the power to reduce your garbage by as much as 25 percent.

  • Recycle these materials only: See our Recycling Guide Brochure and list below.
  • If you are holding a special event and would like to provide recycling at your event, please contact Essex Windsor Solid Waste Authority at 519-776-6441 ext. 1395 or 1-800-563-3377 to arrange for this free service, or download the Special Event Requisition Form and fax it to 519-776-6370. Website: www.ewswa.org
  • Food and beverage cans - Rinse and flatten.
  • Glass jars and bottles - Lids must be removed, and recycle metal lids as well.
  • Plastic bottles and jugs - Rinse and flatten. Remove plastic caps, and recycle caps as well.
  • Plastic tubs and lids - Includes margarine, sour cream, yogurt, ice cream, spreads and dips. Lids must be removed, and recycle lid as well.
  • Aluminum foil - Loose sheets, aluminum trays, pie plates. Plates and trays flattened, foil rolled into a ball.
  • Polycoat beverage cartons and Tetra Paks - Milk, juice, and creamer cartons; juice boxes; broth cartons; soup cartons, etc. Rinse, flatten and place loose in the blue box.
  • Clamshells, trays and cups - Clear plastic containers, trays, clamshells, cups, plastic (fruit) baskets, etc. Rinse, flatten and place loose in the blue box.
  • Empty paint and aerosol cans - All cans must be empty. Remove metal lids and place cans loose in the blue box. Remove and discard plastic lids. No plastic cans.
  • Newspapers, magazines, catalogues and phone books - Bundle or place in paper bags beside your red box.
  • Cardboard and boxboard - Flatten and tie into 30-inch x 30-inch x 8-inch bundles
  • Junk mail, phone books, writing and computer paper, envelopes - Place in paper bags beside your red box.
  • Reduce your junk mail - You can reduce your unsolicited address mail by registering to the Canadian Direct Marketing Association's Do Not Mail Service.
  • Please help increase collection efficiency and reduce costs:
    • Put recyclables in a common location with your neighbour.
    • Keep all materials away from parked cars.
    • Bring excess material to the Public Drop Off Depot (North Service Road East and Central).
    • Separate your recyclables at home. Containers only in your blue box and paper only in your red box.
    • Remember - It's your red and blue boxes that signal the collection driver to stop. Place your recycle boxes in a visible location at the curb.
    • Treat your workplace like your home: recycle!

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