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Sales Outlets

TW Smart Passes and tickets save you money and eliminate the need for change!  First time Smart Passes must be purchased at Windsor International Transit Terminal or Transit Centre. The following sales outlets are authorized to sell Transit Windsor fare products:

Transit Windsor Locations:

​Loc​​ation:​ ​Address:
​Smart Passes
Trip Tickets
​Transit Centre ​3700 North Service Road East at Central Avenue Yes Yes Yes
​Windsor International Transit Terminal ​300 Chatham Street West Yes Yes Yes

Municipal Customer Care Centres:



​Smart Passes (reload only)
Trip Tickets
​Adie Knox Herman Recreation Complex ​1551 Wyandotte Street West at Curry Avenue Yes Yes n/a
​Capri Pizzeria Recreation Complex ​2555 Pulford Street at Northway Avenue Yes Yes n/a
​Forest Glade Community Centre ​3215 Forest Glade Drive at Wildwood Drive Yes Yes n/a
​Gino & Liz Marcus Community Complex ​1168 Drouillard Road at Ontario Street Yes Yes n/a
​Optimist Community Centre ​1075 Ypres Avenue at Forest Avenue Yes Yes n/a

Shoppers Drug Mart Locations:

​Addresss: ​Intersection: ​Smart Passes (reload only) Trip Tickets


​1675 Wyandotte Street West ​at Campbell Avenue ​n/a Yes ​n/a
​3950 Dougall Avenue ​at Cabana Road East ​n/a. Yes ​n/a
​3100 Howard Avenue ​at Devonshire Mall ​n/a Yes ​n/a
​600 Ouellette Avenue ​at Wyandotte Street East Yes Yes ​n/a
​500 Tecumseh Road East ​at Howard Avenue ​n/a Yes ​n/a
​4835 Wyandotte Street East at Dawson Road ​n/a Yes ​n/a
​6020 Malden Road ​at Normandy Street ​n/a Yes ​n/a
​2109 Ottawa Street ​at Walker Road ​n/a Yes ​n/a
​3970 Seminole Street ​at George Avenue ​n/a Yes ​n/a
​1421 Grand Marais Road West ​at Curry Street ​n/a Yes ​n/a
​7720 Tecumseh Road East ​at Lauzon Road ​n/a Yes ​n/a
​2670 Tecumseh Road West ​at Huron Church Road ​n/a Yes ​n/a
​11500 Tecumseh Road East ​at Banwell Road ​n/a ​Adult & Student only ​n/a
​7980 Menard Street ​at Frank Avenue ​n/a ​Adult, Senior & Student only ​n/a

7-Eleven Locations:

​Address: ​Intersection: Smart Passes (reload only) Trip Tickets
​2585 Wyandotte Street West ​at Patricia Road n/a​ Yes n/a​
​278 Tecumseh Road East ​at McDougall Street ​n/a Yes ​n/a
​5124 Tecumseh Road East ​at Westminster Avenue ​n/a Yes ​n/a
​971 Wyandotte Street East ​at Langlois Avenue ​n/a Yes ​n/a
​925 Ottawa Street ​at Parent Avenue ​n/a ​​Yes ​n/a

Other Locations:

​Location: ​Address:

Passes (reload only)

Trip Tickets
​Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare Gift Shop ​1453 Prince Road ​n/a ​Adult, Senior & Student only ​n/a
​LaSalle Town Hall ​1900 Normandy Street at Sprucewood Yes Yes ​n/a
​Ouellette Convenience ​1405 Ouellette Avenue at Ellis Street West ​n/a ​Yes ​n/a
​Vollmer Culture & Recreation Complex ​2121 Laurier Parkway


Yes ​n/a

Leamington Transit Locations:

Leamington Transit Smart cards can only be relaoaded at Leamington Kinsmen Recreation Complex.

​Location: ​Address:
Smart Passes
​Trip Tickets
​Leamington Kinsmen Recreation Complex ​249 Sherk Street - Leamington Yes ​n/a ​​n/a
​Leamington Municipal Building ​111 Erie Street North - Leamington Yes ​​n/a ​​n/a
​Kingsville Arena Complex ​1741 Jasperson Lane - Kingsville Yes ​​n/a ​​n/a
​Essex Centre Sports Complex ​60 Fairview Avenue West - Essex Yes ​​n/a ​n/a​
Transit Windsor
3700 North Service Road East
Windsor, Ontario
N8W 5X2
Phone:  For general information, call 311. For detailed inquiries, call 519-944-4111. 
Fax: 519-944-5121
Email: tw@citywindsor.ca