Project Milestones

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Substance Supports in Neighbourhoods Accessed through Police Partnerships (SSNAPP) has made significant strides over the past two years to enhance community safety and support areas affected by substance use. By fostering collaboration among the Windsor Police Service, the City of Windsor, and the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit, SSNAPP has developed innovative approaches to address substance-use challenges comprehensively.

Entering its third year, the initiative continues to build upon its efforts with a focus on education, engagement, and training. Through this initiative, various activities have been launched, including the development of individualized neighbourhood safety plans, a SSNAPP video series, the implementation of a public education campaign, and the organization of community engagement events and training workshops.

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To date, we celebrate the following milestones that have been achieved:

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Supported the launch of the Windsor Police Service and Windsor Regional Hospital Nurse and Police Team

With the goal of increasing frontline response to substance use and mental health crises/medical situations, a nurse and police partnership was developed. This has reduced emergency department visits related to substance use and mental health in our community and provided immediate response to those in need.

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Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative (DWCC) Complex Trauma Training Sessions

Training sessions were developed for frontline service providers who work with individuals experiencing complex trauma and/or substance-use disorders. By understanding complex trauma within themselves and others, it helps to provide more comprehensive and effective care to clients. Learn more about the Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative (DWCC).

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DWCC Community Park Events at Bruce Park, Mitchell Park, Wigle Park, and Glengarry Complex in Windsor

In partnership with the DWCC, four community events were hosted at parks in Windsor neighbourhoods. With over 200 residents attending each event, they brought community residents together with officers from the Windsor Police Service, community vendors, and local services for families and children.

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Hosted Three "De-Escalating Potentially Violent Situations" Workshops through the Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute 

Training on de-escalation techniques was completed with frontline emergency and health professionals. The intention of the workshops is to communicate the role of anger in violent situations and potential risk factors, as well as identify strategies to diffuse potential violent situations. SSNAPP aims to promote a safer community for all through these workshops.

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Hosted an "Addictions and Mental Health" Workshop through the Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute

Training was provided to frontline emergency and health professionals on strategies for complex issues. The workshop had several goals:

  • To help understand how stigma, silence, and shame affect people
  • To learn about different ways of supporting change for those facing mental health challenges and addictions; to focus on each person’s unique needs
  • To learn how to work together with people dealing with both mental health and addiction problems
  • To bring together the ways we treat mental health and addiction to help people in a more complete way

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Hosted a "Motivational Interviewing" Workshop through the Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute

Training was provided to social service and health care professionals on strategies for motivational interviewing and supporting their clients. Motivational interviewing is a method for helping people find their internal motivation for finding solutions to their problems. Participants learned strategies that start from a place of empathy and draw on the client's personal motivation to create their own goals for change.

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