Regional Systems Leadership Table

Community Safety and Well-Being Regional Systems Leadership Table

Hands gathered together on grass, and logo for the regional community safety and well-being plan

The Windsor Essex Regional Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB) Systems Leadership Table (RSLT) is a group of representatives from community partners, priority populations, and persons with lived experience (PWLE) that act as the primary consultative body for the Windsor Essex Regional CSWB Plan by guiding implementation and supporting identified initiatives and activities.


The RSLT’s vision is as follows:

“A community where everyone feels safe, has a sense of belonging, equitable access to services and opportunities, and can have their needs met across Windsor and Essex County.”


The RSLT’s goals are aligned with the Good Governance and Data priority area of the Windsor Essex Regional CSWB Plan and are as follows:

  • Goal 1: Improve collaboration between CSWB partners for better data and service outcomes
    • Initiative 1.1: Establish a permanent table of CSWB partner organizations to institutionalize cross-sectoral collaboration and address systemic and specific service delivery opportunities
  • Goal 2: Improve representation and inclusion of priority populations in collaborative decision-making process for CSWB initiatives
    • Initiative 2.1: Increase representation of priority populations and those with lived experience at the RSLT and partner advisory/leadership tables


  • To act as a consultative body for the implementation of Windsor Essex Regional CSWB initiatives
  • To support project teams in finding partnership and funding opportunities for initiatives and to assist in connecting project teams to information, data, or community partners, as deemed appropriate
  • To support the ongoing identification of CSWB risk factors within the City of Windsor and Essex County municipalities
  • To support ongoing mechanisms of risk factor prioritization
    To assist with the implementation of the region-wide plan to address the causes of crime and complex social issues by focusing on social development, prevention, and risk intervention


The RSLT Membership composition is based on the premise that broad representation from the community and its institutions contributes to safety in our community. As we begin to promote the long-term implementation of the Windsor Essex Regional CSWB Plan's goals, initiatives, and activities, the RSLT's membership list is becoming more project-specific and focused while increasing the representation of priority populations and those with relevant lived experience.

The RSLT is expanding!

More specifically, the RSLT is expanding to include individuals from or who have experience working with identified priority groups: Indigenous peoples, racialized persons, youth, newcomers, seniors, 2SLGBTQ+ communities, accessibility communities, and broader community groups. The RSLT is also expanding to include persons with lived experience (PWLE).

Expanding its membership to these groups will ensure that the RSLT will have the diverse voices it needs to successfully guide the Windsor Essex Regional CSWB Plan's implementation and ultimately promote community safety and well-being in the region.

Individuals who supported and guided the development of the regional community safety and well-being plan

We would like to thank the individuals pictured above and their respective sectors for their support and guidance during the development of the Windsor Essex Regional CSWB Plan.

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