Pool Features and Amenities

Pool Features and Amenities

Lap swimming at WIATC
Diving Well

The Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre (WIATC) features a dive tower with five platforms at heights of 1m, 3m, 5m, 7m, and 10m and two springboards platforms at heights of 1m (two diving boards) and 3m (two diving boards). The dive tank reaches a depth of 5.2m or 17.06ft.

Moveable Floor

The pool features a 25m x 17m moveable floor. This floor can be raised or lowered to any depth to create a shallow end to provide community programming to participants in need of shallower waters.

Moveable Bulkheads

The pool features two moveable bulkheads that allow for multiple configurations to fit the ideal length for any competition or community use.

Locks and Lockers

Lockers are available free of charge in all change rooms. Guests can bring their own lock and are responsible for their lock and all valuables left in their locker. You can purchase locks at the front desk for $10.00.

Please note that personal locks must be removed from all lockers by the end of each day. Any remaining locks will be cut off and items inside the locker will be taken to the Lost and Found. Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre is not responsible for items lost or stolen, items stored in lockers, or any items taken to the Lost and Found.

Spectator Seating Area

The pool features a spectator seating area that will be open for viewing during competitions and community programming. From here you will be able to see everything from world class swimmers and divers during international competitions to children taking their first jump into the pool during swimming lessons. The spectator seating area is bleacher seating with a capacity of 900.

Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre
401 Pitt Street West
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
N9A 0B2
Phone: 519-974-AQUA (2782)
Email: wiatc@citywindsor.ca
For general information, call 311.

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