Visitor in a wheelchair getting feet wet
Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre
401 Pitt Street West
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
N9A 0B2
Phone: 519-974-AQUA (2782)

The Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre (WIATC) has a number of features that make the building and pool accessible to all participants. WIATC is committed to offering programming and services that are accessible for all participants.

Accessibility Features and Assistive Devices Throughout the Building

  • An elevator is located behind the Front Desk and provides access to the second floor.
  • Doors are 42" wide.

Accessible Restrooms and Change Areas

  • Accessible restrooms (including showers and changing areas) are located in the Family Change Room.
  • The Family Change Room offers a ceiling lift, an adult-sized change table, accessible washroom stalls, bathing, and changing areas.

Accessible Pool Area and Attractions

  • The pool requires transfer from wheelchair/transport device into/out of the water.
  • A pool lift is available with a weight limit of 450 lbs.
  • Flotation aids designed for adults who can support themselves in water but need assistance to walk are available.
  • Life jackets are available to assist individuals who have a loss of autonomy and mobility.
  • Underwater walkers are available.

Accessible Parking

  • Accessible parking spaces are located on the west side of the building and require a province-issued placard/licence plate.

Access 2 Entertainment Program Details

WIATC is a proud partner venue of the Access 2 Entertainment (A2E) program. Since 2004, the A2E program offers more opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in recreational activities with an attendant (support person) without added financial burden. The program is also designed to raise awareness and help businesses provide quality customer service to customers with accessibility concerns.

The Access 2 Card

The Access 2 Card provides persons with a disability a personalized card printed with their name and the card's five-year expiry date. When going to their attraction of choice, they simply need to present the card along with a piece of ID (not required for cardholders who are minors), and their attendant will receive a free pass. The Access 2 Card is accepted at entertainment venues across Canada. visit to learn more about where the card can be used.

Obtaining your Access 2 Card for WIATC

  • Follow the instructions under their "application form" information tab.
  • After you have submitted your Access 2 Card application and payment, you will need to wait a minimum of 1-2 weeks (if paying online), or 4-6 weeks (if paying by cheque) for delivery of your card.

Using your Access 2 Card at WIATC

In order to receive a free pass to enter WIATC, support persons will be required to obtain an Access 2 Card and will need to present this card and ID when entering WIATC in their capacity as a support person.


We are interested in receiving your feedback on how well we are meeting customer accessibility requirements and how WIATC provides services to people with accessibility concerns. Please contact us to share your thoughts at

Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre
401 Pitt Street West
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
N9A 0B2
Phone: 519-974-AQUA (2782)
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