Committee of Adjustment Meeting Agenda

The most recent Committee of Adjustment meeting agenda is as follows:

File #
A-020-24 Application
A-020-24 Minor Variance Report
Bilal Chehade, 8957827 Canada Corp.
3244 Byng Road

Relief: Construction of a single-unit dwelling with reduced minimum lot width, area, and side yards; maximum permitted garage width and front yard paving

A-021-24 Application
A-021-24 Minor Variance Report
Lennon Developments Corp.
3215 Byng Road
Relief: Accommodating a single-unit dwelling with reduced minimum lot width, lot area, and side yard width; exceeding maximum width of a garage and maximum front yard paving.
B-010-24 Application
B-010-24 Consent Report
Elsa Maria Muscedere, Celestino Muscedere848 Langlois Street
Consent: Technical severance.
B-011-24 Application
B-011-24 Consent Report
Randy Carroll
558 Edinborough Street
Consent: Create two new lots.
A-022-24 Application
A-022-24 Minor Variance Report
Cesidio Paglia3341 Riberdy Road
Relief: Construct a single-unit dwelling with reduced minimum lot width, lot area and rear yard depth.
B-012-24 Application
B-012-24 Consent Report
BDB Development Inc.
7450 St. Rose Avenue
Consent: Create a new lot.
7B-013-24 Application
B-013-24 Consent Report
Mattea Incorporated938 Tecumseh Road West Consent: Technical severance.
8A-023-24 Application
A-023-24 Minor Variance Report
9636650 Canada Ltd.227 Langlois Avenue
Relief: Construct a semi-detached dwelling unit with reduced minimum lot width.
9A-024-24 Application
A-024-24 Minor Variance Report
Polish Peoples Home Association1279 Langlois AvenueRelief: Construct a multiple dwelling exceeding the maximum number of dwelling units, and the reduced minimum lot area, side yard width, landscaped open space yard, number of parking spaces, number of visitor parking spaces, and parking area separation from an interior lot line.
10A-025-24 Application
A-025-24 Minor Variance Report
Vrunda Bhatt, Dipen Bhatt1177 Belleperche PlaceRelief: Construct a carport with reduced minimum side yard width.
11A-026-24 Application
A-026-24 Minor Variance Report
John Anthony Rosati820 Monmouth RoadRelief: Construct an addition to a townhome dwelling unit with reduced minimum side yard.
12A-027-24 Application
A-027-24 Minor Variance Report
Corporation of the City of Windsor2969 Langlois AvenueRelief: Construct a single-unit dwelling with reduced minimum lot width.
13A-028-24 Application
A-028-24 Minor Variance Report
1339409 Ontario Inc.3565 Forest Glade DriveRelief: Reduced building set back; removal of parking area landscape separations between parking rows. 
14B-014-24 Application
B-014-24 Consent Report
1339408 Ontario Inc.3565 Forest Glade Drive

Consent: Consent to amend existing reciprocal access agreement. Consent to amend the servicing agreement to allow for relocation of services.

15B-015-24 Application
B-015-24 Consent Report
Supreme Homes Inc.3445 Church StreetConsent: Sever alley.

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