Site Plan Review Process

Site Plan Review Process

1. Pre-Consultation Stage 1

Through an application created in Cloudpermit, the Stage 1 pre-consultation process will provide a cursory review of the proposal to help determine information and studies required for the Stage 2 pre-consultation. The application and accompanying documentation will be circulated to various departments and agencies, internal and external, as required by the specifics of the proposal, for review and commentary.

2. Pre-Consultation Stage 2

The Stage 2 pre-consultation process will provide a review of the proposal to determine if further information or revisions are required. Review comments and requests will be used by the Site Plan Review team towards the preparation of a Draft Site Plan Review Report. A draft approval report will be produced identifying any necessary clarifications or revisions. In addition, the applicant will be made aware of pre-permit conditions that are required to be fulfilled before a building permit can be issued.

3. Application Stage

If drawing revisions have been requested, it will be the responsibility of the applicant to address the revision request and forward revised drawings prior to the Site Plan Review team. The Site Plan Approval Report will be prepared by the Site Plan Review team upon receipt of revised drawings, where applicable, and issued to the applicant and applicable departments. Direction will be provided to the corporation’s legal department to commence preparation of the Site Plan Approval Agreement.

4. Site Plan Approval Agreement

The Site Plan Approval Agreement will be prepared and issued by the corporation’s legal department; the owner will be provided a copy of the agreement for their review and signature. Upon receipt of the signed agreement, the corporation’s legal department will register it on title of the subject lands.

5. Fulfillment of the Agreement/Meeting the Approval Conditions

The owner shall commence fulfillment of the conditions and provisions of the agreement. Pre-permit conditions of the Site Plan Approval Agreement can in large be executed throughout the Site Plan Review process in a proactive manner, should the owner wish to expedite the receipt of a building permit.

Review Process Notes

Applications that are not fully completed and include all required drawings and fees will not be processed by the Planning & Building Services Department.

All communication from the Planning & Building Services Department regarding the application will only be with the agent listed on the application form unless otherwise requested.

All inquiries as to the status of the application should be directed to the Site Plan Approval Officer listed on the application form.

As a condition of Site Plan Approval, the land is required to be developed in accordance with the approved plan(s), i.e. access to the site; building location; parking; loading facility/amenities; basic infrastructure requirements; protection of adjoining properties, etc. Bonds or letters of credit are required to ensure/guarantee the installation and maintenance of required facilities. The requirements are normally provided for in a site plan agreement registered on title of the property.

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