Site Plan Control

Site Plan Review

Site Plan Control refers to the process by which the City reviews and approves development in accordance with the physical planning, built form and operational objectives identified within the Official Plan. The entire area within the city of Windsor is designated as a Site Plan Control Area by By-law 1-2004. Under Section 41 of the Ontario Planning Act, all development in Windsor is subject to Site Plan Control. This is to ensure that development will:

  • Be compatible with adjacent or nearby properties;
  • Have safe and easy access for pedestrians and vehicles;
  • Have adequate landscaping, parking and servicing;
  • Meet exterior design standards pertaining to matters of health, safety, accessibility, sustainability and protection of adjoining lands; and,
  • Be built and maintained in the manner by which the proposal was approved.

The Site Plan Review process takes into account input from various departments and agencies towards the preparation of a Site Plan Approval Agreement. The Site Plan Approval Agreement is a binding contract between the Corporation of the City of Windsor and the applicant/owner. The agreement consists of conditions of development, is registered on title of the property and is a prerequisite to the building permit application process.

Exemptions from Site Plan Control

Council, by By-law 1-2004, has exempted certain classes of development from the requirement for Site Plan Approval including the following:

  • A residential building with 10 or less dwelling units;
  • Small commercial and combined commercial-residential buildings and additions;
  • Small industrial and institutional buildings and additions;
  • Alterations within an existing building;
  • Temporary buildings and structures;
  • Building features and mechanical elements;
  • Parking areas containing less than 5 spaces; and
  • Signs

Please contact Planning Services to determine if your development is subject to Site Plan Control.

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Site Plan Approval Applications

A two-stage pre-consultation process is required in order to proceed with the application. The two-stage pre-consultation process promotes the exchange of information and development considerations early in the planning process and provides a customized list of studies and plans required to support a development application. The City cannot guarantee a complete or accurate application submission unless the Site Plan staff is consulted. Applicants are encouraged to engage the Site Plan Review team as early as possible in the design process.

The Site Plan Review process is administered online though our digital platform provided by Cloudpermit. Please click on the button below to submit a Site Plan Control application:

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See the Site Plan Review Process for additional information.

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