Gross Household Income

Gross household income is the total of the gross foreign and Canadian household income from all sources and from all members of the household ages 16 years and older, including:

  • Employment, i.e. full-time work, part-time work, irregular work, casual work, seasonal work, odd jobs, seasonal or vacation pay, yearly bonuses, disability pay, sickness pay, tips or gratuities, commissions, overtime pay
  • Self-employment, such as tutoring, child care, driving a taxi, teaching music
  • Pensions/Allowances and Other Income, such as Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Plan, Canada Pension plan, Old Age Security, Quebec Pension Plan, Widow Pension, Alimony/Support Payments, War Veteran's Allowance, Employment Insurance, Training Allowances, payments under Compensation for Victims of Crime Act, Company Pensions, Private Pensions, Civilian War Pensions, Public Service Pensions, Workers Compensation Payments, Military or Militia or Civil Defense Allowance, Immigration Allowances, Canada Manpower Retraining Allowance, Payments from Children's Aid Society, on time lump payments such as inheritances, court and out of court settlements, mortgage income and student grants
  • Income Producing Assets, such as farm property from which you make money, real estate such as business, farmland, cottage or mobile home which you rent to someone, a license such as a taxi license which gives you income, a business which gives you income, investments, and savings accounts such as bank, trust company, credit union, annuities, GIC's, stocks or shares, bonds, debentures, mortgages, loans, notes or term deposits
  • Non-Income Producing Assets, such as life insurance with a cash surrender value; Registered Retirement Savings and Education Plans; house, condominium, summer cottage, farmland, commercial or vacant land; collections or investments in other valuable assets; and a business which does not give you income. Income from these types of sources are calculated using an imputed rate of return, based on the current Canada Savings Bond rate.

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