How is Rent Calculated


Rent for persons in receipt of Social Assistance (Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support) is set by a scale established in the Housing Services Act, 2011, Ontario Regulation 316/19 (O. Reg. 316/19) and may be changed periodically. The Housing Services Act can be accessed at the following link:

For persons with income other than Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support, rent is calculated based on 30 percent of combined household income to a maximum of the established "market rent" for the social housing unit in the development. Income and asset exemptions apply.

Market Value Rent

Some market rent units are available in private, affordable, social and cooperative non-profit housing developments. These units are rented at a market rate established by the landlord and/or Non-Profit Corporation Board of Directors in accordance with the Housing Services Act and Residential Tenancies Act.

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