How to Find Affordable Housing

The City of Windsor and various community agencies offer supports for individuals and families in Windsor and Essex County who require assistance in obtaining and retaining affordable housing. An overview of some of these services is provided below.

Housing Information Services (HIS)

If you are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of entering into homelessness, one of the first calls you should make is to Housing Information Services. This community agency offers a variety of services to assist individuals and families in their search for affordable housing, including one-on-one support and connections to other agencies and landlords. HIS also provides households with resources to maintain their current housing by connecting them to programs and services available within Windsor-Essex. Their housing intake line will ensure you are connected to the appropriate resources based on your unique circumstances. All services are offered free of charge.

Housing Information Services
3450 Ypres Avenue, Suite 200, Windsor, Ontario

Social Housing

There are approximately 7,300 social housing units and 34 social housing providers in Windsor and Essex County. The rental costs in social housing units are subsidized by government funding, making this an affordable option for people with low to moderate incomes. Individuals and households who want to apply for social housing must contact the Central Housing Registry (CHR) to be assessed for eligibility, prioritized based on established criteria and, if deemed eligible, placed on the social housing waitlist. It is important to note that the wait for social housing can take many months to several years. Residents are encouraged to obtain affordable housing in the private rental market while waiting for a social housing placement.

Central Housing Registry Windsor-Essex County

Windsor Location
2470 Dougall Avenue, Unit 6
Windsor, Ontario 
N8X 1T2
Phone: 519-254-6994
Fax: 519-254-9166

Essex County Location
Victoria Place Plaza, Unit 6 
35 Victoria Avenue
Essex, Ontario 
N8M 1M4
Phone: 519-776-4631
Fax: 519-776-5510

More information about Social Housing

Canada-Ontario Housing Benefit

The Canada-Ontario Housing Benefit (COHB) is a joint federal-provincial housing allowance program providing an income-tested, portable housing benefit (PHB) payment to low-income households. The COHB is designed to help increase affordability of rental housing for eligible households that are on the social housing wait list in Windsor and Essex County. Approved applicants under this program must consent to be removed from the social housing wait list.

To be considered for a COHB, an individual or a household must have an eligible application with the Central Housing Registry Windsor Essex County (CHR) and indicated interest in receiving a COHB on their application.

The Windsor-Essex COHB allocation for Year 4 (2023-24) has been fully allocated.

To qualify for COHB, each individual or household must be on or eligible to be on the social housing wait list. To verify whether you have an eligible application or to start the application process, please contact the Central Housing Registry – Windsor Essex County (CHR):

  • 2470 Dougall Avenue Unit 6, Windsor, Ontario
    Phone: 519-254-6994

Once you have a confirmed eligible application from the CHR, the CHR will refer you to the Housing Benefit team at Windsor Essex Community Housing Corporation (CHC). The Housing Benefit team can assist eligible households with completing a COHB Application. All COHB Applications must be completed with the assistance of designated CHC staff. Any applications not completed in this manner will not be accepted or assessed for eligibility by the Ministry of Finance.

Windsor Essex Housing Benefit (WEHB)

The WEHB is a municipally funded housing benefit that is paid directly to you to help you pay your rent anywhere in Windsor Essex County. This housing benefit is being offered in priority order (i.e., Priority I – special priority policy survivors of domestic violence or human trafficking, Priority II – homeless or at risk of homelessness, chronological order) by date of application on the Central Housing Registry’s waitlist. The WEHB is a housing benefit that is portable across Windsor and Essex County only. Eligible proponents will be contacted regarding their eligibility and how this benefit can assist with their housing affordability. The City of Windsor estimates the WEHB has the potential to assist approximately 50 to 60 households from Windsor Essex’s social housing wait list in 2020-21.

Windsor Essex Housing Benefit (WEHB) Program Guidelines

2023 WEHB Maximum Rent Information Sheet

Rent Assistance

If you require financial assistance to pay for first or last month’s rent in order to secure an affordable rental unit, or you are facing eviction due to rental or utilities arrears, you can apply to Housing Stability Plan (HSP) program. This program is intended to help people with low income obtain and retain housing.

More information about Housing Stability Plan (HSP) and the application process

Other Supports & Services

For information about other housing and homelessness services, please call 211 which is available 24/7 and in over 150 languages.

City of Windsor, Housing Services Department

For general inquiries, call 311.