Corporate Climate Action Plan

Corporate Climate Action Plan

A Corporate Climate Action Plan (CCAP) is a corporate-wide plan to reduce energy and emissions from municipal operations and fleets. The CCAP focuses exclusively on energy and greenhouse gas emissions that are directly controlled by the City. The CCAP includes direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions produced by the City as a result of its operations. The CCAP does not include emissions that are a consequence of activities from sources not controlled or owned by the City (including third-party contractors, construction activities, businesses, or air travel) or those that occur outside Windsor’s geographical boundary.

The CCAP is tightly linked to and takes direction from the broader Community Energy Plan (CEP) that looks to address energy and climate change within the community of Windsor. With the City of Windsor operations and fleet accounting for approximately one percent of overall community energy use and two per cent of overall community-wide emissions, the CCAP adopts the overarching vision, goals, principles, and targets established through the CEP with a particular focus on the City’s infrastructure and assets.

As a “living document,” the CCAP identifies actions with positive impacts to Windsor’s economy, environment, and energy security. As the plan evolved, there were more technical and financial analysis needed to refine targets and energy and emissions reduction potential.

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