Partners for Action

Partners for Action Flood Awareness Survey

In 2018, the City of Windsor collaborated with Partners for Action with support from the Canadian Red Cross to gain a better understanding of flood risk perception and preparation among Windsor residents. Understanding the risk of flooding in a community is the first step to being prepared for future flood events.

One of the interesting findings was that just over half of the respondents to the Windsor Survey believed they lived in an area that was at risk of flooding. This was significantly higher than the six percent of Canadians that live in flood-prone areas that also reported being at risk of flooding.

The information from the survey and the follow-up focus group meetings will be used to inform various City of Windsor initiatives, including the update to the Climate Change Adaptation Plan and the Sewer Master Plan, and to support community engagement.

In addition, the results from the survey and the focus group meetings will contribute to the development of a national FloodSmart Canada campaign to increase risk awareness and flood mitigation action for homeowners.

What is Partners for Action?

The University of Waterloo with support by the Co-operators Group Ltd. and Farm Mutual Re. provides Partners for Action (P4A), which researches flood resiliency in Canada with the extreme weather that Climate Change can create. P4A collaborates with stakeholders to understand and share knowledge and address information needs while driving action.

P4A's objectives are to better understand flood risk and make sound decisions to reduce risk through:

  • Facilitating collaboration between researchers, government, and non-governmental organizations towards making strategic decisions to improve flood resiliency in our communities;
  • Identifying innovative, practical research tied directly to flood resiliency in Canada, and leveraging relationships towards funding such research;
  • Sharing results and best practices, including measurable activities to reduce risk of flood in our communities; and,
  • Informing Canadians about their flood risk, actions they can take to reduce this risk, and opportunities for risk transfer, such as through insurance.

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