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Climate Resilient Home

Windsor has retrofitted a local home built in the city’s core in the 1920s to keep rainwater out of the City of Windsor’s sewer system and reduce risks to the home. A series of changes were implemented to both the inside and the outside of the home to help reduce the amount of rainwater entering the sewer system.

This project is important for the City of Windsor, because it shows what homeowners can do to their own home to help reduce sewer flow. All measures applied to his home are available to Windsor residents. Increased temperatures and intense rainfall events are two climate change impacts that have resulted in direct costs to Windsor residents through basement flooding and heat related illnesses.

The implementation and maintenance of these actions is the homeowner’s responsibility. The homeowner is responsible to help reduce their home’s flooding risk, remembering to always have home repair and upgrades completed by a licensed professional.

This home was retrofitted to help residents understand the common water problems associated with homes (i.e. sewer back-up, overland flow, foundation leakage):

  • Downspout disconnection and rain barrels
  • Rain garden
  • Backwater valve
  • Sump pump with overflow
  • Infiltration trench
  • Regrading 

Note: The City of Windsor offers a Basement Flooding Subsidy Program for Windsor residents to help with the costs of upgrades to help reduce basement flooding.

For more information on Environmental Initiatives 

  • Phone: For general information, call 311. For detailed inquiries, call 519-253-7111 ext. 3226.

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