Union Six Bruce Watson

Union 6 - Bruce Watson

Bruce Watson
Union 6, 1978
Bronze, 124 x 127 x 170 cemtimetres

In Watson's fluid sculpture, the viewer is presented with evolving forms. Rather than hold a static or concrete certainty, each piece seems to be in motion, growing through various stages of organic development.

Union Six captures a momentary pause in this growth. The viewer is invited to walk around the sculpture, to study it from all sides and then enter into an individual interpretive relationship with the piece. Perhaps it's like watching the clouds: you search for imaginary shapes that only hold for a second before they shift and change into something else. There are no right or wrong answers in this investigation. Rather than put any limitations on the viewer, Watson places all his emphasis on the work itself. "You do these things and then let them speak for themselves," he says.

Union 6 - Bruce Watson Union 6 - Bruce Watson Union 6 - Bruce Watson