Trees Toni Putnam

Trees - Toni Putnam

Toni Putnam
Trees, 1998
Copper, 320 x 90 x 54 centimetres, or smaller, each

"Creation is mysterious," says Toni Putnam. "I thoroughly enjoy the interaction between what I think is going to happen and what actually happens."

In her work, Putnam is intensely interested in the tactile elements of sculpture, the true "feeling" of a piece that can only be achieved through touch. Each one of these trees has been carefully cultivated. Using welding techniques which are uniquely her own, Putnam focuses intense heat as a force of uncontrollable change. In this heat, each tree "grows" in its own way. Shades of red, green and brown are contained in each piece of metal.

Trees is a hands-on sculpture. The viewer is invited to reach out and feel the unique textures and surface of each work.

Trees - Toni Putnam Trees - Toni Putnam Trees - Toni Putnam Trees - Toni Putnam