Sisters Morton Katz

Sisters - Morton Katz

Morton Katz
Sisters, 2002
Painted steel, 260 x 100 x 60 centimetres each

Morton's Katz's Sisters positions itself on the border between objective and subjective truths. Though each figure is constructed out of the same black finished steel template, each form is defined by its own posture. Each sister possesses a distinct personality representing the important individuality that characterizes every faithful relationship with God. Spiritual leadership is apparent in the strength of the mother superior figure, located just slightly ahead of her companions. Each sister portrays a distinct model of a life in prayer and service. In this abstracted sculpture, the concept of faith is presented in its most human terms. Though the material, the colour and the template remain objective and constant, each piece must channel these materials in its own way. Each one is literally bent into its own personal subjectivity.

Sisters - Morton Katz Sisters - Morton Katz Sisters - Morton Katz