The word inukshuk means "in the image of man" and represents safety, nourishment, trust and reassurance. The inukshuk guided Inuit peoples across the frozen tundra and gave them hope in barren places to handle hardships they encountered. These large, delicately balanced stone images showed the way ahead.

Had they been able to speak, they may have said, "Here is the road. It is safe. You can meet the demands that this path holds. You can reach your goals and attain your vision of where you want to be."

Similar stone figures were made all over the world in ancient times, but the Arctic is one of the few places where they still stand in their original places as beacons to others.

The inukshuk is proudly displayed on the flag of Canada's newest territory, Nunavut.

Inukshuk Inukshuk Inukshuk Inukshuk