Anne Leo Mol

Anne - Leo Mol

Leo Mol
Anne, 2001
Bronze, 121 x 91 x 124 centimetres

Leo Mol has devoted a great deal of his creative energy to life-sized figures of young women. His vast work in this genre has been compared to that of Italian sculptor Giacomo Manzu, and it often recalls the blithe, stylized figures of French Impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. However, Mol's sculptures of young women are unmistakably his own.

Observe the prominent contours of Anne's hair, flowing gently and communicating with the soft curves of her arms and body, a hallmark of Mol's work in this genre. As is common among Mol's sculptures of women, Anne is comfortable and carefree in her surroundings. The attitude of the sitter and the artist's interpretation are combined to completely eliminate harshness and tension from the scene.

Anne - Leo Mol Anne - Leo Mol Anne - Leo Mol