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Collage of artistic projects funded in Windsor through the ACHF program
ACHF Funding Rounds

  • 2024 Round 1: Round now closed. Applications were accepted from January 15 to February 9, 2024.
  • 2024 Round 2: Applications will be accepted from June 24 to July 19, 2024.

Thank you to all those individuals and organizations who submitted applications to Round 2 of ACHF 2023. At the close of the application intake, we received fifty-six applications, forty-four from individuals and twelve from organizations, totalling about $230,000 in requested funding. Applications now enter the jury adjudication phase, with notifications in approximate one and a half months.

Please note: The Application link will be live only once an application window has opened. When you select the ACHF Application link during application rounds, you will be redirected to the MyWindsor Portal and required to create a local account or use an existing Google account to proceed with your application.

Since launching in 2014, the ACHF has awarded $1,009,000 in grant funding to 453 individual arts, culture and heritage projects in the city of Windsor. This includes the following:

  • 33 community arts-based programs funded, including multi-genre festivals, events, workshops and more
  • 76 visual arts projects and initiatives funded, including practice, exhibitions, photography, sculpture and more
  • 61 literary arts projects and initiatives funded, including multi-genre writing, editing, publishing, storytelling, podcasts and more
  • 76 performing arts projects and initiatives funded, including theatre, dance, opera and more
  • 119 musical arts projects and initiatives funded, including songwriting, recording, albums, videos, concerts, composition and more
  • 58 film arts projects and initiatives funded, including pre-production, production, post-production, distribution, screenings, festivals and more
  • 30 heritage and culture projects and initiatives funded, including multicultural celebrations, cultural exchanges, historic walking tours and more.

Virtual Public Information Sessions: 

To assist ACHF applicants, a virtual public information session is offered at least once a year, at which time program coordinators will review the guidelines, key priorities and objectives, and the application and adjudication process. Attendance is not mandatory, and the session is recommended for first-time applicants only

  • ACHF Virtual Public Information Session 2 for 2024: Wednesday, June 26, 2024, at 5:30 p.m. 

This virtual meeting will take place on Microsoft Teams. Those wishing to attend will need to RSVP to receive an event-specific link and to facilitate participation. Please RSVP to by email. The meeting will begin promptly at 5:30 p.m., and last no more than one hour.

Important Documents

  • ACHF Application.
  • ACHF Program Guidelines
  • ACHF Application Important Update: Please note that as of August 2018, the ACHF Application will be accessible online only. The application will go live when the application round opens, and the link will be posted here. Applicants will have the ability to complete, attach supporting documents and materials, submit and receive confirmation of submission online. In this way, we are removing as many barriers as possible to this funding program.
  • ACHF Sample Project Budget. Please feel free to use this template, and attach to your online application.

ACHF Jurors

Windsor residents who possess a brain for business, an eye for art, and a commitment to a vibrant cultural community are encouraged to apply to serve on the ACHF Jury to evaluate applications. When new jurors are required, the City puts out a Call for applications. If you feel you have the qualities needed to help select winning entries, please apply at that time. This is a meaningful opportunity to spend a small amount of time to have a significant impact on our community. For the first time, the ACHF Juror Application Form is available and offered entirely online, with no requirement to print and mail documents. When you select the Juror Application Form link during intake phases, you will be redirected to the MyWindsor Portal and required to create a local account or use an existing Google account to proceed with your application.

Previous ACHF jurors have said: "The experience as an ACHF juror is fulfilling ... it is so encouraging to see so many artists and arts organizations continuing to pursue such wonderful projects ... I would recommend this experience to anyone in the arts, culture and heritage sector, and I am so appreciative of the work done by City administration that brings the dreams of these artists into our reality. Windsor is a much better city for it ... Windsor is a mecca of creativity."

Mandatory Consultation with Culture staff

In order to be considered, applicants must consult with Culture staff prior to submitting a project for funding and before the application deadline. This helps ensure you meet the eligibility requirements before you work on an application. Consultation means a conversation, by email or phone, in which the applicant provides detailed information on their proposed project. This consultation does not mean a project will be recommended for funding.

To accommodate our applicants, the Cultural Affairs Staff will be available for consultation at by email.

Past projects funded through the Arts, Culture + Heritage Fund

ACHF Success Stories

When projects funded by the program are complete, it frequently results in products being out there in the world for our enjoyment. From film trailers to photography collections, novels to performances, take a look at some of the materials showcasing the work of those who received funding from the ACHF to support their creative works and make a difference in our community. Visit ACHF Success Stories to read all about them.


The City of Windsor's Arts, Culture and Heritage Fund (ACHF) invests in the soul of our City by providing financial assistance to locally-developed arts, culture and heritage projects that provide exciting, surprising and meaningful opportunities to strengthen our creative community. This funding initiative supports the City of Windsor's priority to build a strong and stable creative community that contributes to a prosperous creative economy and to making Windsor an amazing place to live.

Program Objectives

  • Promote innovation and support new, dynamic efforts in the creative community;
  • Develop unique cultural resources to enhance the health and vitality of our communities and the quality of life for our people;
  • Encourage participants in the creative community to stay and continue to create and work in the City of Windsor;
  • Make arts, culture and heritage central to the lives of all our people;
  • Increase public awareness and access to the arts, culture and heritage sectors;
  • Celebrate diversity by recognizing our rich creative community; and
  • Value creativity by promoting and supporting arts, culture and heritage.

Key Priorities

  • Increase Windsor's attractiveness, affordability, and quality of life;
  • Support the development of new audiences;
  • Increase the supply of skilled cultural workers;
  • Nurture creativity and imagination through arts, culture and heritage projects;
  • Encourage the inclusion of diverse cultural groups; and
  • Increase public access to the creative community.

Program Guidelines

Please view the ACHF Program Guidelines document for full details on:
  • Eligibility - organizations, individuals, and projects.
  • Ineligible projects & expenditures.
  • Funding amounts.
  • Application - process and checklist.
  • Assessment and Decision Making - process.
  • Jury - selection, role, and conflict of interest.
  • Reporting - requirements and final post-project report.

Note on Project Budget and Artist Fees: As noted in the Program Guidelines, the City of Windsor encourages all applicants to ensure standard artist fees are provided to all artists participating in a project. Please refer to CARFAC, the Canadian Federation of Musicians, etc. to determine standard rates for artists. The City adheres to these fee schedules for all City-led events and initiatives and encourages artists participating in ACHF to do the same.

Arts Council Windsor & Region (ACWR) put out a helpful resource guide for Windsor & Region-Based Artists - Navigating Artist Fees. This resource should be used as a guide only to provide information about artist rates and fees. ACWR recommends you do not use this resource to directly determine artist fees.

ACHF Sponsors, Donors and Community-Builders

As the ACHF program continues to evolve, the City of Windsor is reaching out to those individuals, organizations, businesses and corporations that have expressed an interest in supporting arts, culture and heritage in Windsor in the past. The City has identified two possible opportunities for partnership between sponsors, donors and community-builders in connection with the ACHF grant program.

ACHF Patron: Those who wish to register as an ACHF Patron will be provided with information on funded ACHF projects that are seeking additional funding support to realize their project goals and increase community impact. City staff will facilitate a meeting between interested parties to see what possibilities exist.

ACHF Partner: Those who wish to become an ACHF Partner will have the opportunity to donate a funding amount to the ACHF funding stream, which will increase available funding in a given round, thus increasing opportunities for additional creators and projects to receive funding. The ACHF Jury will adjudicate all funding requests, and City staff will work with ACHF Partners to determine the best fit for donations in any given round.

Those wishing to take advantage of this unique opportunity to direct support to Windsor's arts, culture and heritage creative community are asked to reach out to by email to begin the conversation.

Final Report (Post-Project)

Successful applicants are required to submit a Final Post-Project Report within two (2) weeks of the completion of the funded project. This report is submitted online and is accessible through the MyWindsor Portal. Receipt of these reports is a pre-condition for consideration of an individual's or organization's future grant applications in any category and will be part of the jury resources in future grant application reviews, as requested. If a project is incomplete, it is the responsibility of the grant recipient to contact the Culture team to discuss the project status and to receive direction on completion of a final report. Even in the case of an incomplete project, a Final Post-Project Report will still be required. There are no exceptions to this. A grant recipient seeking to make significant changes to the project as outlined in an application must also consult with the Culture team prior to implementation. If the changes result in the cancellation or a significant delay in the completion of the project, the applicant may, after consultation with staff, be required to return to the City all project grant funds paid for the funded project.

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