ACHF Funded Projects 2020 Round 1

2020 Round 1 grant recipients and funded projects

Thirty-six applications totaling approximately $146,396 in requested funding were received and adjudicated by our jury for the first round of funding in 2020. We are thrilled to announce that twenty-one of these projects have received ACHF funding in the total amount of $43,600. We extend our congratulations to the following:

Betty Anne Richard: $4,200. “Bonds of War.” Funds will support artist fees, editing fees, photo restoration work and digitization for a novel focusing on a true Second World War (WWII) story.

Nadine Deleury: $4,000. “Letters to Grace.” Funds will support the commissioning of an original piece of music (writing and composition) and the artist fees in connection with a one-hour performance telling stories of WWII nurses.

Kianna Porter: $4,000. “Dominatrix on Trial.” Funds will support artist fees and production costs for a Windsor Feminist Theatre-commissioned original theatre production telling the story of activist Terri-Jean Bedford.

Windsor Essex Youth Choir: $3,400. “Where Waters Meet.” Funds will support artist and Elder fees, and production costs for a Canadian Chamber Choir residency that will include engagement with issues of water security through education and artistic works as well as a concert on the theme of water.

Elise Holbrook: $3,000. “RED: The Rise of the Queen of Hearts.” Funds will support artist fees and production costs for an original musical production with orchestral music.

Place du Partage: $2,500. “African traditional group.” Funds will support artist fees, materials, production costs, costumes, and rental of the tam-tam African drum in connection with performances by a traditional dance group that tours schools celebrating multiculturalism through dance.

Tamara Kowalska: $2,200. “Cheque Day.” Funds will support artist fees and production costs for three video productions showcasing spoken word poetry with drum accompaniment.

John Chan: $2,000. “Still.Motion 2020.” Funds will support printing and framing costs, marketing and promotion of a photo exhibition featuring 13 professional and amateur dancers.

Gemma Cunial: $2,000. “Big Little Show: A Musical Movie.” Funds will support artist fees and production costs for the second phase of a large film project showing how gender roles influence storytelling.

Teajai Travis: $2,000. “The Green Bean Reads.” Funds will support artist fees for a monthly celebration of storytelling highlighting marginalized voices.

Luke Maddaford: $2,000. “LEFT Contemporary.” Funds will support artist fees for a grassroots art studio collective with gallery and exhibitions.

Madeline Doornaert: $2,000. “Full-length album.” Funds will support session musicians; production costs; arrangement; mixing and mastering; and art for a full-length pop-folk album.

Luca Cunial: $1,500. “The Earth’s Crust.” Funds will support artist fees and production costs for a short-subject documentary on Windsor-style pizza.

Riverfront Theatre Company: $1,500. “No Complaints.” Funds will support printing of scripts, educational materials, venue rentals and production costs for the workshopping and writing of a full-length play for youth based on the book A Complaint Free World.

Precious Fawehinmi: $1,300. “The Alfarma Expression.” Funds will support artist fees and production costs associated with an arts festival celebrating multiculturalism through music, photos, fashion and dance.

Joseph Anthony Coccimiglio: $1,000. “The Autumn Kings.” Funds will support studio rental for a full-length album recording.

Windsor Jewish Community Centre: $1,000. “Film Festival.” Funds will support film rentals, venue, film shipping, marketing and production costs for students to attend an educational screening as part of the annual film festival.

Mark Laliberte: $1,000. “Glancing Up and Down.” Funds will support artist fees associated with the development and creation of a new collection of writings and visual collages.

Korda Artistic Productions: $1,000. “C.H.A.O.S. Children’s Arts Organization Showcase.” Funds will support artist fees and production costs for a weekend-long festival celebrating youth and presented in collaboration with the performing arts groups that work directly with youth.

Kiwanis Music Festival: $1,000. “Kiwanis Music Festival 2020.” Funds will support adjudication and festival costs for a two-week competitive and non-competitive music festival with classes and three concerts.

Brendan Scott Friel: $1,000. “Double EP recording.” Funds will support session musicians, engineering, mixing and mastering for two separate, seven-track EPs.

Of their collective experience working as part of the ACHF Jury for the first funding round of 2020, the members’ comments included: “Nothing makes you feel more connected to the community as a whole than intimately getting to know its separate parts. This process helped us feel like we’re on the ‘inside’ now of so much that’s happening in the creative community. We’ve read incredible reference letters that feel personal, supporting applicants with projects that are so impactful. This process gives us the opportunity to fund exciting, new, creative projects that will help stretch and strengthen the creative community in Windsor ... This program and process show that community is not only about economics or markets but about who we are as people. The ACHF program gives us the opportunity to invest in our people ... to help us find the identity we’re always searching for.”

Nadine Deleury Windsor Feminist Theatre Windsor Essex Youth Choir Elise Holbrook Place du Partage Tamara Kowalska John Chan Gemma Cunial Teajai Travis Luke Maddaford Madeline Doornaert Luca Cunial Riverfront Theatre Company Precious Fawehinmi Joseph Anthony Coccimiglio Windsor Jewish Community Centre Mark Laliberte Korda Artistic Productions Kiwanis Music Festival Brendan Scott Friel