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Traffic Calming

Traffic-calmed neighbourhood road sign designTraffic calming is intended to improve the enjoyment and pedestrian friendliness of the neighbourhood under review by reducing traffic speed and volume on a group of streets within a specific geographical area and by implementing proven methods to reduce identified problems. To view the City of Windsor's Traffic Calming Policy, visit the Transportation Policies web page.

Traffic Calming Studies

The following Traffic Calming Studies are currently in progress:

Upcoming Studies

Traffic calming reviews have been completed for the following locations. Traffic calming plans will be prepared for these locations in priority order:

​Priority Rank Request Number Street Limits Review Completed Score
1 17-00020873 Clover Avenue Little River Boulevard to Tecumseh Road August 13, 2016 46.40
2 E18-0320 Little River Boulevard Clover Avenue to Banwell Road April 24, 2019 44.47
3 19-00048179 Dominion Boulevard West Grand Boulevard to Cabana Road December 31, 2019 38.36
4 16-00031324 Foster Avenue Calderwood Avenue to Walker Road May 28, 2018 37.60
​5 ​19-00042624 ​Partington Avenue ​Tecumseh Road to College Avenue ​December 8, 2020 ​35.80
6 13-00055696 Wildwood Drive Forest Glade Drive to Wildwood Drive January 12, 2018 33.25
​7 ​18-00025934 ​Ypres Avenue ​Chrysler Centre to Central Avenue ​October 13, 2020 ​30.70

(List updated January 8, 2021)

Traffic calming requests are reviewed in order of priority based on score, not necessarily in the order they are received. Traffic calming requests are scored based on a number of factors, including traffic volumes, traffic speeds, collisions and presence of pedestrian traffic generators. Details on how these scores are calculated can be found in the City of Windsor Traffic Calming Policy.

Traffic Calming Surveys

After traffic volumes and speeds have been reviewed, a one-block area around the location of concern is surveyed to confirm neighborhood support for traffic calming. Information on recent surveys and their outcomes is provided below.

Note: For a request to move forward in the traffic calming review process, support from 60% of the properties in the petition area is required.

Request Number


Survey Limits

Letter & Map

Survey Period



Mount Royal Drive

Cabana Road West to Villa Maria Boulevard North

Mount Royal Letter & Map

09/25/20 to 10/25/20

Does not pass (33.3% support)


Curry Avenue

Roselawn Drive to Cabana Road West

Curry Letter & Map

09/25/20 to 10/25/20

Does not pass (20.0% support)


Shepherd Street East

Hall Avenue to Moy Avenue

Shepherd Letter & Map

09/25/20 to 10/25/20

Does not pass (37.5% support)

​18-00004009 ​Labelle Street ​Northway Avenue to California Avenue Labelle Letter & Map ​10/26/20 to 11/25/20 ​Does not pass (15.38% support)
​19-00032670 ​Armanda Street ​East of Matchette Road to West of Malden Road Armanda Letter & Map ​10/26/20 to 11/25/20 ​Does not pass (39.13% support)
​19-00049305 ​Aspenshore Avenue ​Peppervine Street to Firgrove Drive Aspenshore Letter & Map ​10/26/20 to 11/25/20 ​Does not pass (15.22% support)
​19-00044502 ​Eastcourt Drive ​Caledon Court to Stillmeadow Road Eastcourt Letter & Map ​11/26/20 to 01/10/21 ​Does not pass (16.67% support)
​19-00048381 ​Conservation Drive ​Labour Crescent to Jessop Street Conservation Letter & Map ​11/26/20 to 01/10/21 ​Does not pass (9.26% support)
​19-00052681 ​Langlois Avenue ​Erie Street East to Giles Boulevard East Langlois Letter & Map ​11/26/20 to 01/10/21 ​Does not pass (17.46% support)
​19-00050988 ​Giles Boulevard ​Dougall Avenue to Victoria Avenue Giles Letter & Map ​12/10/20 to 01/24/21 ​Pending
​19-00052193 ​South National Street ​West of Jefferson Boulevard ​South National Letter & Map ​12/10/20 to 01/24/21 ​Pending
​19-00055236 ​Bruce Avenue ​Wyandotte Street West to Elliott Street West Bruce Letter & Map ​01/21/21 to 02/20/21 ​Pending
​19-00055239 ​Dougall Avenue ​Wyandotte Street West to Elliott Street West Dougall Letter & Map ​01/21/21 to 02/20/21 ​Pending
​20-00007312 ​Shepherd Street East ​Marentette Avenue to Elsmere Avenue Shepherd Letter & Map ​01/21/21 to 02/20/21 ​Pending
​20-00020713 ​Sun Valley Drive ​Greenview Crescent to Greenview Crescent Sun Valley Letter & Map ​01/21/21 to 02/20/21 ​Pending
​20-00022940 ​Chilver Road ​Niagara Street to Richmond Street Chilver Letter & Map ​01/21/21 to 02/20/21 ​Pending

(List updated January 19, 2021)

Service requests for a neighbourhood Traffic Calming Study may be initiated through 311.

Transportation Planning Division
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Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday (holidays excepted), 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Phone: For general information, call 311. For detailed inquiries, call (519) 255-6267.