Traffic Calming

Traffic-calmed neighbourhood road sign designUpdates to the Traffic Calming Policy are available on the Transportation Policies page.

Traffic calming is intended to improve the enjoyment and pedestrian friendliness of the neighbourhood under review by reducing traffic speed and volume on a group of streets within a specific geographical area and by implementing proven methods to reduce identified problems. To view the City of Windsor's Traffic Calming Policy, visit the Transportation Policies web page.

Traffic Calming Studies

The following Traffic Calming Studies are currently in progress:

Upcoming Studies

Traffic calming reviews have been completed for the following locations. Traffic calming plans will be prepared for these locations in priority order:​​

​Priority Rank Request Number Street Limits Review Completed Score
​1 ​​21-00006378 ​​Felix Avenue ​College Avenue to Tecumseh Road West ​August 16, 2021 ​52.50
​2 ​21-00018154 Foster Avenue ​Walker Road to Kautex Drive ​September 21, 2021 ​​52.00
​3 ​E18-0320 ​Little River Boulevard ​Clover Avenue to Banwell Road April 24, 2019 46.00
4 ​21-00034027 Norman Road South National Street to Tecumseh Road East ​September 23, 2021 ​45.00
​5 ​21-00001052 ​Virginia Avenue Wyandotte Street East to Edgar Street ​June 25, 2021 ​44.70
​6 ​20-00041556 ​Mount Royal Drive ​Cabana Road to Cousineau Road ​May 3, 2021 ​44.20
​7 19-00048179 ​Dominion Boulevard ​West Grand Boulevard to Cabana Road December 31, 2019 43.65
8 ​21-00029271 ​Sun Valley Drive ​Malden Road to Prince Road September 21, 2021 ​42.60
​9 ​21-00018048 Erie Street East ​Howard Avenue to Lincoln Road ​August 18, 2021 42.40
​10 21-00027735 ​Norman Road Tecumseh Road to Haig Avenue ​​September 21, 2021 ​​41.10
​11 ​21-00008910 ​Country Club ​Cousineau Circle to Howard Avenue ​August 18, 2021 ​40.30
​12 ​21-00010314 ​​Little River Boulevard ​​Florence Avenue to Clover Avenue ​August 4, 2021 ​39.60
​13 ​19-00032670 ​Armanda Street ​Matchette Road to Malden Road ​May 4, 2021 ​35.90
​14 ​17-00020873 Clover Avenue Little River Boulevard to Tecumseh Road August 13, 2018 35.30
15 16-00031324 Foster Avenue ​Calderwood Avenue to Walker Road ​May 28, 2018 ​32.53

(List updated March 1, 2022)

Traffic calming requests are reviewed in order of priority based on score, not necessarily in the order they are received. Traffic calming requests are scored based on a number of factors, including traffic volumes, traffic speeds, collisions and presence of pedestrian traffic generators. Details on how these scores are calculated can be found in the City of Windsor Traffic Calming Policy.

Traffic Calming Surveys

After traffic volumes and speeds have been reviewed, a one-block area around the location of concern is surveyed to confirm neighborhood support for traffic calming. Information on recent surveys and their outcomes is provided below.

Note: For a request to move forward in the traffic calming review process, support from 25% of the dwelling units and commercial properties in the survey area is required.

Street Name Start Date End Date Outcome Request Number Letter & Map Percentage of Support Filterable Status Sortable Start Date Sortable End Date
Street Name Start Date End Date Outcome Request Number Letter & Map Percentage of Support Filterable Status Sortable Start Date Sortable End Date

​​(List updated January 12, 2022)

Service requests for a neighbourhood Traffic Calming Study may be initiated through 311.

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Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday (holidays excepted), 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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