Sandwich South Master Servicing Plan
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Sandwich South Master Servicing Plan

Notice of Study Commencement

Sandwich South Master Servicing Plan logoTo meet the future growth needs of the City of Windsor (City), 2,600 hectares of land in the former Township of Sandwich South were transferred from the Town of Tecumseh to the City of Windsor in 2002. Sandwich South, which is located on the south east side of the City of Windsor is primarily rural but includes the Windsor Airport and some residential homes. The City has designated this area for future growth over the next 20 years and will include a variety of residential, commercial, institutional and industrial land uses.

The City has initiated a Master Servicing Plan (Plan) for the Sandwich South Area to develop a coordinated and sustainable approach to providing municipal infrastructure in support of growth. The plan will consider the location and capacity of collector roads, storm and sanitary sewers, and how stormwater will be managed throughout the study area. The plan will build upon the completed Lauzon Parkway Environmental Assessment and the ongoing Upper Little River Stormwater Master Plan.

The plan is being prepared in coordination with a Floodplain Mapping Study for the Little River Watershed. The Flood Plain Mapping Study will identify areas that may be susceptible to flooding during large storm events and will guide the location of future development. It is anticipated both studies will be completed in 2021.

An important part of developing this plan is to seek feedback from local residents and other stakeholders on the long-term municipal infrastructure plans for this area. Do you have information on existing or future conditions the team should be aware of as it starts this planning process? Are there areas you know that flood during large rain events? Do you have questions about how the City plans for growth in areas like this? The study area is shown outlined in heavy black line on the key plan below.  Join us Thursday, January 30, 2020 at Forest Glade Community Centre for your first opportunity to hear more about the study and provide your information on existing conditions in the area.

Map of study area, encompassing Windsor Airport and extending south to the 401

Issues and Opportunities Pop-up Event

Thursday, January 30, 2020
Forest Glade Community Centre
3215 Forest Glade Drive, Windsor, Ontario

4:00pm - 7:00pm 

Throughout the study, information and upcoming public sessions will be shared on this page. Sign up to be included on the contact list if you would like to be notified when new information is posted.

The study is being conducted in accordance with the requirements of Phase 1 and 2 of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process (2000, as amended), which is an approved process under the Environmental Assessment Act.

If you require additional information related to this study or wish to be added to the contact list, please contact:

Patrick Winters, P. Eng.
Development Engineer
City of Windsor 
350 City Hall Square, Suite 210
Windsor, Ontario, N9A 6S1 
Phone: (519) 255-6257 ext. 6462

Nicole Caza, P. Eng.   
Consultant Project Manager      
Dillon Consulting Limited
3200 Deziel Drive, Suite 608     
Windsor, Ontario, N8W 5K8 
Phone: (519)-948-4243 ext. 3246