Conflict of Interest Disclosures

Windsor City Council at its meeting held February 25, 2019 adopted the following Council resolution:

THAT the report of the City Clerk dated February 12, 2019 entitled “Bill 68 – Changes to Municipal Conflict of Interest Act – new requirements regarding declarations of interest” BE RECEIVED; and further,

THAT the recommended procedural changes for members of Council, agencies boards, commissions and committees of Council (ABC) pertaining to disclosures of pecuniary interest as outlined in this report BE APPROVED; and,

That the City Clerk also BE DIRECTED to advise all affected ABC’s of this new requirement.

Conflicts of Interest have always been declared verbally during meetings of Council and recorded in Council Minutes. For greater transparency and to comply with new amendments to the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, the Council Secretariat Office will be posting Conflict of Interest forms for members of Council on a weekly basis as the information becomes available.

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For further information, please see the City of Windsor's Council Minutes pages, or for more detailed inquires,
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