Related By laws

The Residential Rental Licensing Pilot Study operates within the framework established by Windsor City Council in Residential Rental Licensing By-law 14-2023 (please see the By-laws Online page under Business Licensing). This by-law consists of three main parts:

  • The by-law itself, which provides
    • Definitions of terms used in the by-law
    • Applicability and scope of the by-law's provisions
    • Prohibited activities under the by-law
    • Powers and duties of City staff and the Licensing Commission
    • Licensing and regulatory requirements
    • Enforcement powers
    • Offences under the by-law and associated penalties
  • By-law Schedule 1, which contains the fees for new licences and renewals
  • By-law Schedule 2, which contains the requirements for applications

Related By-laws

To secure and maintain a Residential Rental licence, property owners must ensure that the rental housing units they own and operate comply with additional relevant City by-laws. Please visit the By-laws Online page for the most current version of all by-laws.

  • Fence By-law 170-2012
  • Ice and Snow Removal By-law 8544
  • Noise By-law 6716
  • Parking By-law 9023
  • Property Standards By-law 9-2019
  • Waste Collection and Disposal By-law 2-2006
  • Yard Maintenance and Anti-Littering By-law 3-2006
  • Zoning By-law 8600