Audit Committee (Archived)

Please note: Information available under Archived Committees is offered for reference purposes only, as these committees are no longer active.

The Executive Committee of its meeting held October 24, 2011 voted to disband the Audit Committee. The Committees records (Agendas, Minutes, Reports) are stored here for public viewing, but please be advised that the committee is no longer in existence and hasn't been since this date.

Further, City Council outsourced the provision of internal audit services to Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC) in December 2012 with PwC beginning operations at the city's outsourced internal audit service provider in April 2013. PwC typically reports to City Council through the Executive Committee of Council - for all PwC reports on internal audit matters, please refer to the Executive Committee web page.

The Audit Committee's role is to assist Council in its oversight responsibilities by exercising responsibility for corporate governance, corporate control and financial reporting.


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