Water Fluoridation

Windsor City Council at its meeting held Monday March 25, 2019 approved the following recommendation and passed the following by-law:

Council Resolution CR124/2019

By-law 35-2019

Windsor City Council at its meeting held Monday December 17, 2018 discussed the water fluoridation issue of the City of Windsor's water supply. The following recommendation was approved:

Council Resolution CR676/2018

Windsor City Council at its special council meeting held Monday January 28, 2013 discussed the water fluoridation issue of the City of Windsor's water supply.

The following recommendation was approved:

Council Resolution CR18/2013

By-law 20-2013 was adopted by Council at its meeting held February 4, 2013.

The following is background information and public comments submitted for this debate (click on the item number below to view the submission of interest):

Committee Report No. 45 of the Environment & Transportation Standing Committee

Windsor Utilities Commission submission entitled "Fluoridation of the City of Windsor Water Supply"

Written Submissions received regarding Fluoridation of City of Windsor Water Supply:

1. Original submissions from the March 10, 2012 Council Meeting
2. Kirk Taylor, Status of Ceasing Water Fluoridation
3. Farrah Khan, Windsor Water Fluoridation
4. Sheldon Thomas, Clear Water Legacy, Water Fluoridation
5. Diane Sprules
6. Dr. Tom Barnard, Fluoride in City Water
7. Dr. James Beck, University of Calgary
8. Olive Chmara, Clean Water
9. Dr. Hardy Limeback, University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry
10. Dr. Jim Maxey, Tulsa, OK, Safe Drinking Water Act
11. Megan Iversen
12. Toma Ljulj, Ban Fluoride in City Drinking Water
13. Dr. Joseph Multari, Windsor Regional Hospital, Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery & Dentistry
14. Kelly McLellan
15. Shannon Porcellini, Drinking Water Fluoridation
16. Deborah & Daniel Dunlop, Water Fluoridation
17. Jason Raven, Water Fluoridation
18. Beth Hrickovian Laba, Water Fluoridation
19. Dr. Joseph Shaban, Ontario Medical Association Section Chair of Endocrinology and Metabolism
20. Taras Natyshak, MPP Essex
21. Monique Soulliere, No More Toxic Chemicals in my City's water
22. Chris Peroni, No fluoride in my water
23. Kathryn Oppio, Hold the fluoride
24. Paul Connett, PhD, Binghamton NY
25. Kimberly DeYong, Fluoride Free Windsor
26. Alice Daglian, LaSalle
27. Dr. Elizabeth Paul, DC
28. Ayesha Drouillard, Harvard study finds fluoride lowers IQ
29. Victor Steward, Fluoride Free
30. Dr. John Douillard, DC, Boulder CO
31. Trevor Sheldon's Open Letter (submitted by D. Mayne)
32. Donna Mayne (Fluoride Over Exposure submission)
33. Tia Toutant, re Dental Fluorosis in children
34. Rhea Eady
35. Stephan Charette
36. Andree Silcock, fluorosis in children
37. Councillor H. Payne, Fluoridation Facts
38. Declan Waugh, Fluoride & Cardiovascular Disease; Water Fluoridation Cancer Link; and DVGW Statement on the Fluoridation of Drinking Water
39. Dr. Arlene King, Chief Medical Officer of Health, Province of Ontario
40. Dr. Gary Kirk, Windsor Essex County Health Unit, regarding Fluoridation in Halton Region
41. Jim Bradley, Minister of the Environment
42. Dr. Harry Hoediono, President, Ontario Dental Association
43. Dr. A. Kadri, President, Essex County Medical Society
44. Dr. Joslyn Warwaruk, President, ECMS 2012
45. Dr. Huy Nguyen, Leamington Dental Health Center
46. Michael Janisse, W-E County Health Unit re Voluntary addition of Fluoride to bottled water
47. Mayor Rick Goldring, Fluoride to Continue in Halton Region
48. Michael Brennan
49. Stephanie Nagle, Dental Hygiene Program Coordinator, St. Clair College
50. Dr. Peter Trainor, President, Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario
51. Charles R. Frank, Application of Fluoride in City Water Supply
52. Kevin Johnson, Windsorites Against Chemical Contamination Everywhere
53. Kimberly DeYong, Fluoride Free Windsor, Fluoridation is Unproven, Unnecessary and Unethical
54. Robert Fleming, President, Canadians Opposed to Fluoridation
55. Sherry Frey, RDH, Coordinator, Level II Dental Assistant Program, St. Clair College
56. Windsor Essex County Health Unit (multiple submissions) Part 1, Part 2

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Sewer Surcharge Notice of Cessation of Flouridation of the City of Windsor Water Supply