Gas and Oil Disposal Tips

Never dispose of gas, oil or other chemical wastes in catch basins, storm sewers, sinks, toilets, drains or on your lawn or property. These actions can lead to dangerous conditions in residential sewers. There is a risk of explosion or fire, and cleanup is very costly to taxpayers.

  • Gasoline or other Household Chemical Waste (HCW) can be dropped off free of charge for residential customers at the Household Chemical Waste Depot (see tipping fees ) located at E. C. Row and Central for proper and safe disposal. When transporting gasoline, make sure it is in an approved container. The depot will decant your gasoline into another container, and you will be able to have your container returned to you; the depot will only decant gasoline from gasoline storage containers that are 10 litres in volume or less.
  • Waste motor oil from lawn mowers or vehicles can be placed in a clearly marked, 4-litre screw-cap container and placed beside your Blue Box. Larger quantities of waste motor oil should be brought to the Household Chemical Waste Depot for proper and safe disposal
  • Acetylene tanks are not accepted at the Household Chemical Waste facility. You are required to take them back to where you purchased them.
  • Customers are restricted to two (2) twenty (20) litre pails (40 litres in total) of household chemical waste for any one trip. Customers with more than 2 20-litre pails will be considered commercial and will be billed accordingly. Commercial customers are assessed a fee. Please call the Essex Windsor Solid Waste Authority 1-800-563-3377 for commercial fees.
  • Residents wishing to help safeguard their homes from potentially hazardous gases should dump a bucket of water into their basement drains once a month. The traps or u-tubes in most houses are designed to naturally block fumes and gases with the presence of water. However, residents who may not be aware of this often end up with a dried out drain which can allow fumes and gases to enter the house.

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