Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Transit Windsor Priority and Courtesy Seating

Q: Why are there both Priority Seating and Courtesy Seating areas on a bus?

A: The Priority Seating area is a regulatory requirement under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. The Courtesy Seating area is provided in addition to the Priority Seating area for passengers who may benefit from a seat, but do not have a disability.

Q: I am a passenger with a disability. What do I do if the Priority Seating area is full when I board the bus?

A: Politely remind the customers seated in the Priority Seating area of its intended use and ask that they make room for you.

Q: What do I do if the passengers seated in the Priority Seating area refuse to move for me?

A: Please remember that passengers in the Priority Seating area may suffer from a disability that is not easily recognized by others and they may not be comfortable discussing it in public. If the passengers in the Priority Seating area do not move when requested, proceed to the Courtesy Seating area to find a seat.

Q: The Priority Seating decal states that other passengers MUST vacate for a passenger with a disability. If someone refuses to move for a passenger with a disability, who will make them obey the sign?

A: The wording on the decal is a legal requirement under Regulation 191-11 but the Regulation does not provide any reference to enforcement. Given the vast number and varying degree of disabilities, many of which are invisible, it would be extremely difficult for a third party to determine who is more entitled to the Priority Seating area. As such, we expect customers to do the right thing.

Q: Can I ask the operator to force passengers to vacate a seat for me?

A: Drivers/operators will not intervene in a dispute between passengers regarding a seat.

Q: I am a person with a disability. When I board a bus which is full and people are both seated and standing in the Priority Seating area, do other passengers need to vacate the bus to make room for me in the Priority Seating area?

A: No. Public transit is first come, first served. Other passengers who have paid a fare are not expected to vacate the bus to make room for other passengers. If you are not comfortable completing your trip without a seat, please wait for the next bus.
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