Transportation Studies, EAs and Reports

Environmental Assessment (EA) Study Reports

For a listing of current and recently completed Environmental Assessment Study Report, please visit the Environmental Assessment Studies & Master Plans page.

Road Safety Report

The Road Safety Report provides statistical data on all reported collisions occurring on roads under the jurisdiction of the City of Windsor. In support of the Three E's of safety (Engineering, Enforcement, and Education), the data is provided in relevant formats that will guide agencies and individuals involved in maintaining the City of Windsor's safe and efficient road network.

Windsor BUMP

The Bicycle Use Master Plan (BUMP) was approved by City Council on May 14, 2001 and replaced the Bicycle Use Development Study.

In the years since the adoption of the Bicycle Use Master Plan, significant progress has been made in implementing bicycle lanes along many of the routes identified in the plan. However, with the Bicycle Use Master Plan approaching the end of its lifespan, with a need for a broader focus beyond cycling to other forms of active transportation, and with a focus on community sustainability and meeting the City’s Community Energy Plan goals, the City has developed a new Active Transportation Master Plan. Please visit the Transportation Master Plan at

To find out more about cycling in Windsor, please visit

Community Based Strategic Rail Study

The Community Based Strategic Rail Study was started in 2005 and was completed in 2008. This study provides the framework for a technically preferred rail rationalization scenario for the City of Windsor. Additionally, it reviews the technical possibility of a multimodal or intermodal facility at Windsor Airport. The report was approved by Council at the October 27th, 2008 meeting of Council as per Council Resolution CR-442/2008.

Windsor Area Long Range Transportation Study

The Windsor Area Long Range Transportation Study (WALTS) was conducted in 1997 and 1998 to provide the involved municipalities with a master plan to guide future development of transportation services in the Windsor area. The study area, established in 1997, includes the City of Windsor, Towns of LaSalle and Tecumseh, Townships of Sandwich South and Maidstone, and the Village of St. Clair Beach. The study determines the impacts of population and employment growth on the need for roads, transit, cycling and walking facilities within the area by the year 2016, along with access to air, marine, rail and trucking services.

Please note some tables and figures of WALTS are currently not available electronically. If you require these, please contact the Transportation Planning Division for hardcopies.

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